Eastern Cod With Roasted Vegetables

"The vegetable ragout creates a deep rich bed for the flaky cod fillets. Toasted bread crumbs add a crunchy compliment. This recipe is low in fat and high in flavor."
Eastern Cod With Roasted Vegetables created by Morning Biscotti
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  • Preheat oven to 500°F.
  • Season cod with salt and pepper.
  • In a large shallow baking pan toss zucchini, tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, garlic, and thyme with oil and salt and pepper to taste and spread in one layer.
  • Roast vegetables in middle of oven 20 minutes, or until they begin to brown.
  • Arrange fish over vegetables and roast 7 minutes more, or until it just flakes with a fork.
  • While vegetables and fish are roasting, in a small skillet toast bread crumbs with parsley and salt and pepper to taste over moderate heat, stirring, until golden, about 5 minutes.
  • Transfer fish carefully to a plate and keep warm, covered.
  • To pan vegetables add water, soy sauce, lemon juice, and Worcestershire sauce and stir to loosen brown bits from bottom of pan and break up tomatoes.
  • Divide ragout among 4 plates and top with fish and bread crumbs.

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  1. lolablitz
    Great, healthy meal. My husband loved it. Next time I'll add one more tomato, even though my romas were really big, one more yellow or orange pepper and one less red onion. Served with basmati rice. Thanks for the keeper!
  2. tinatrotochaud
    This was a great dish. I had to modify it as we had a guest with a garlic allergy and even our bread crumbs had garlic salt. I used ritz crackers instead and it received many compliments. I even finished it after our guest left (don't like left over fish the next day) I liked it that much. Great to use all my fresh veggies, too. Thanks!
  3. FireRaven
    I was very impressed with this dish. My Mom came home with two fresh cod fillets from the grocery store today, and said, "It looked so good -- can you come up with something?" with a pleading look. (I'm the dedicated "fish cooker" in the family.) I used both green and red pepper in this dish, and added 10 quartered mushrooms as well. I used prepared Herbs de Provance for the seasoning on the vegetables, and lemon pepper seasoning on the fish. Aside from the "chop time," this was a flash to prepare. I served it with Kalamata olive bread -- perfect for dipping into the wonderful sauce! Thank you for a light and flavorful dish. I have a feeling that I'll be making it again, with whatever whitefish happens to come through my door!
  4. jo_haskin
    I loved the sweatness of the roasted vegetables and the crunchy topping. I omitted the zucchini and added a red bell pepper. I added two more cloves of garlic. It was a little salty with the salt on the vegetables, fish and then the soy sauce, so next time I would not be so heavy handed. Would make this for guests in a heatbeat!
  5. VegSocialWorker
    Just great. I love how simple and healthy this meal is. The veggies are full of roasted-yumminess which contrasted well with the simple fish. Easy to make as well, can't ask for more than that. Kept the garlic whole. Will make again for sure. Thanks for posting!



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