Easiest Creamed Spinach

"A very easy low carb Creamed Spinach."
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  • Thaw and cook spinach til most water is gone.
  • Add cream cheese.
  • Add garlic to taste (either fresh or powder).
  • Stir over medium heat until cream cheese is melted.
  • Put parmesan over the top.
  • Cover and set off the heat until cheese melts.
  • Serve.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Sarah L.
    For those such as myself who are domestically challenged, "cook until water is mostly gone" is pretty vague. Does this mean boil it and squeeze out the water? Stick it in a pan over heat with nothing else?
  2. Patti B.
    I'm definitely excited to try this recipe. I plan on using fresh spinach but two questions as i typically saute my fresh spinach in a bit of olive oil and serve it that way. Obviously I would not do that, so how would I first cook the spinach for this dish? And how much fresh spinach? 10oz bag? 14oz bag? Thanks so much!!!


  1. chia2160
    i made a few changes to this easy delicious recipe. i used 12 oz fresh spinach, 2 tbsp boursin cheese and 2 tbsp cream cheese. i cooked everything in the microwave, first the spinach, then stirred the cheese into the hot spinach and cooked it for 2 minutes. the sauce was delicious and it literally disappeared at the dinner table. i will definitely make this again, thanks barbara
  2. cindiocon
    I love that this recipe is so easy! I added a little salt and pepper and nutmeg. I also used cream cheese with chives and onion. I think it would also be as good with only 3 ounces of cream cheese. It didn't need 4 ounces. Definitely a keeper.
  3. stacyvolin
    My Sis and I are on low carb diets. She does low carb and I do Banting so a recipe that I'll be preparing today is ideal to go with roasted turkey legs and thighs. I looked at the carb count of commercially prepared creamed spinach and my heart about sank lol. Loaded with bad stuff and actually ridiculously high in carbs per serving. Glad I found your easy recipe. Thank you!!!!
  4. Kristiina
    I made this to go into a stuffed shell mixture and I have a feeling this recipe is what made those shells so good! After I made this, I wanted to just forget the shells and eat this out of the pan, It looked and tasted so good! I can't wait to make this one again, thanks Barb!
  5. Bridget C
    Just made this using our own home-grown spinach and it tasted great. The only thing I added at the end was a good grind of fresh nutmeg, as it goes really well with spinach. And I used roasted garlic instead of fresh.


  1. Nana Chickens
    Why haven't I made this before? Or think of it. I kind of did once, only I used sour cream instead of cream cheese. I did add a little grated fresh nutmeg as I always do to dark leafy greens and most cream sauces. Thanks again for sharing, it's a keeper.
  2. meko819
    i have been making this for years! its way better than commercially made. my tweaks are that i also add some sauteed onion, a little nutmeg (i think any cream sauce should have nutmeg) & i also thin out the sauce a little with milk (i double the recipe, so i use 8 oz cream cheese & half cup milk) just make sure you squeeze water out of spinach real well! fresh sauteed spinach works great too



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