Drunken Cherries Aka Cherry Bomb

"I had bought a large jar of cherries to make my Three Not So Blind Mice recipe #47819 , So with the left overs I soaked them and they disappeared!!! Also the left over Rum that soaked the Cherries can be used in a drink of your choice or try it in my Cranberry, Apple Spiced Tea #48626"
photo by Rita1652 photo by Rita1652
photo by Rita1652
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  • Cover Cherries in a jar with Rum.
  • Serve in Pina colada`s or straight up.
  • You can pour the rum on a cooked chocolate devils food cake before icing.

Questions & Replies

  1. Are these drunken cherries shelf stable? I want to send them as part of a gift basket.


  1. This is soooo good, so simple, so easy....loved it. Used in conjunction with your cake & frosting - it's a big hit - just don't get pulled over by a cop after you pop one of these in your mouth! ;)
  2. I have made this with vodka before. It is excellent! If you put a cherry in a shot glass and fill it half full with the juice and then fill the rest with Godiva chocolate liquor it tastes like a chocolate covered cherry shot. Great for the holidays!!!!!
  3. I made these for my Christmas gift baskets and everyone loved them! I had some extras for us as well, and we have been having a blast using them as garnish for different drinks. My favorite drink to garnish with these so far has been the Recipe #216034. Yummy! I didn't know if I was supposed to drain the cherries or not so I just left the juice. I used 3 big jars or cherries, poured them into a large bowl and used an entire bottle of Bacardi 151. Thanks Rita for another of your GREAT recipes!
  4. I just bought a small jar of cherries for this recipe. They are good and strong! I think they would be fab on an adult milkshake, or dessert. That said, they go down fairly easily, right out of the jar! ;-) Thanks so much for sharing this beauty, Rita~!
  5. The cherries are so addictive in the rum. yum! thanks Rita :) Made for All you can cook buffet


  1. I’ve been doing these cherry bombs for years. Use maraschino cherries with stems. Place in jar with rum in the freezer for at least 2 hours or overnight. Heat semisweet chocolate in microwave until almost melted then stir until completely melted. Remove cherries from cold rum, dry with paper towels, then dip cherries holding by the stems until completely covered with chocolate. Let set on wax paper. Great for cake decorating or as an adult chocolate treat.



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