Double-Coated Chicken Supreme

"I got this recipe from a old recipe card book that I found at a yard sale. The recipe is delicious."
Double-Coated Chicken Supreme created by ChefLee
Ready In:
1hr 15mins




  • Measure rice krispies cereal. Crush to 2 cups.
  • Place in shallow dish or pan. Stir in paprika.
  • Set aside. In a seasoned shallow dish or pan, beat egg and milk until foamy.
  • Add flour, salt, pepper, poultry seasoning mix until smooth. Dip chicken in batter.
  • Coat with crushed cereal. Place in single layer, skin side up, in well-greased or foil lined shallow baking pan.
  • Drizzle with melted butter. bake at 350°F about 1 hour. Do not cover pan or turn chicken.

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  1. ChefLee
    Double-Coated Chicken Supreme Created by ChefLee
  2. ChefLee
    I thought this was tasty! I love the crust that this makes. The seasoning comes thru but not too strong. I used bone-in skinless chicken breasts. This cooking time with the coating makes the chicken very juicy and perfectly cooked. Thanks for the recipe!!
  3. LifeAfter40
    I had saved this in my file months ago. Kept battleing with the rice krispies and how they would taste. I thought this was good. I would redo a couple of things next time. First, my fault, I used bone in, skin on breasts. Next time, I would at least remove the skin. The topping didn't get near as crunchy as it could have because of this. Secondly, I think I would add a bit more of spices. Maybe some garlic salt or even some lemon pepper. Something to give it some 'umph'. All in all it was a good dish though. Thanks!
  4. Mares C.
    This will become a regular at our table!I used boneless skinless breasts, and cut down on the baking time by 15-20 minutes. Chicken was moist and tender, very crispy on the outside. I'm going to "fine tune" and experiment with different spice combinations in the "wet" batter ie: adding dry mustard,or a garlic ranch dip mix, or blue cheese flavor just to see how great that would be! Thanks for sharing this great oven fried recipe.
  5. Marsha D.
    Double-Coated Chicken Supreme Created by Marsha D.



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