Doggie Hamburger Helper

"Since the dog food scare this is what my Aunt has been feeding her fur babies. She sometimes replaces the oatmeal with brown rice."
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  • Thouroughly cook the meat in the oil. Set aside to cool.
  • Combine all ingredients and serve at room temperature.
  • A good doggy multivitamin/mineral supplement may be added for good measure.
  • Be sure to store unused portions in a covered container in the refrigerator and discard any leftovers after 3 days.

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<img src=""/img> I am a California born desert rat (born & raised in 29 Palms; it's a dry heat! LOL!) transplanted in the boonies of New Jersey. Home is where the Air Force sends you and currently it's Jersey so forgetaboutit! LOL! I am a lucky lady. I met my better half and best friend in PE class in high school back in 1984. We have been together ever since. We will celebrate our 21 year wedding anniversary in Nov '08. After being told I could never have children we are blessed with two wonderful children. What can I say except that I love my family!I love to eat! I love to cook (I do have days I'd rather go out and eat LOL!). I'm addicted to Food Network! I watch it everyday. I also watch Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen and some of the cooking shows on the BBC ( Masterchef, Daily Cooks, etc..). Thank goodness for Tivo. ;) My honey on his first deployment to the Middle East in '03: <img src=""/img> <img src=""/img><img src=""/img> <img src=""/img><img src=""/img><img src=""/img><img src=""/img><img src=""/img><img src=""/img> <img src=""/img><img src=""/img> I am always looking for good recipes to try. I like to try new recipes at least once a week or as our budget allows. My family and friends love being my taste testers. <img src=""/img> <img src=""/img> With the last big dog food scare I stopped feeding our big boy commercial dog food. After researching and reading about commercial dog food over the past year and finding out that the dog food companies use nasty stuff not fit for human consumption (roadkill, euthanized animals, slaughterhouse gunk, etc...) I now cook for our family pet. I wish I would have made the switch sooner. Fortunately all his blood tests came back normal after eating some of the tainted food. I have put his favorite home cooked dog food recipes in my "Jimmy Boy" cookbook. My heart goes out to those of you who lost a pet to the tainted dog food. I highly recommend educating yourself about commercial dog foods and dog food companies. It is shocking what they can do and what they can get away with. A good book to read is: "Foods Pets Die For" by Ann Martin. <a href=" ">click here</a> How I rate recipes: If I make a dish and do not like it I don't rate it. I'd hate for someone to leave a bad rating on one of my recipes so I don't do it to others. I figure we are all different and we all have different tastes. Who am I to tell someone that their favorite recipe needs work because my tastes are different? <img src=""/img> <img src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">
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