Dog Food Aka: One Pot Dog Chow

READY IN: 2hrs 30mins
YIELD: 48 cups


  • 3
    lbs ground beef (or ground turkey, chicken or pork)
  • 2
    lbs brown rice or 2 lbs barley
  • 2
    lbs dried pinto beans (or any type of dried bean, other than soy)
  • 2
    cups canola oil (or use olive or vegetable oil, but not corn oil)
  • 2
    lbs frozen peas and carrots (you can substitute broccoli, green beans, or sweet potatoes, etc. but not corn)
  • 2
    cups chicken broth (or 1 pkg. chicken, beef or pork gravy mix combined with 2 c. water)
  • 4
    apples, diced


  • Place ground beef into a large 12 quart stockpot and brown beef, breaking it up as it cooks.
  • Pour dried beans into the stockpot, right over the brown ground beef. Fill pot to within 4 inches from the top of the pot. Turn up heat and bring the water to a boil. Boil the beef/bean mixture for two minutes and then turn off the heat, stir, cover and let the beans sit for 1 hour to soften slightly.
  • Return the beans to a boil and boil gently for 1/2 of an hour until the beans are cook through and soft enough to eat.
  • Add the broth and rice to the bean mixture, stir, cover and let simmer for another 1/2 of an hour or until rice is done.
  • Turn off the heat and add the 2 lbs of frozen vegetables and the canola oil, stirring thoroughly mix the ingredients.
  • Break the eggs into the stockpot and stir them down into the rice and beans. The heat will cook the eggs and stirring them will break the eggs into threads throughout the mixture.
  • Add diced apples and stir to distribute through the mixture.
  • Let the mixture cool down (stirring occasionally to aid in cooling) and then pack into containers refrigerate (or if freezing, only fill 2/3 full to allow for expansion).
  • *I like to sprinkle brewers yeast over the top of each serving and I also push a fish oil capsule down into each bowl full. I generally add 1 t. brewers yeast per 20 lbs of my dogs weight. They are both very good supplements for the dogs and they usually love the taste of both!