Lemon-Dill Dip

""There it is!" said Bryan. Oh the excitement of seeing Spring come to the hills of this farm. Bore bees were busy digging holes inside of the greenhouse and buzzing around while Bryan was venturing into the Spring garden to scope out the new plants. We had been patiently waiting for the last several weeks to see these little peas show themselves and now the wait was over. For Bryan; who is a vegan, these snow peas represent a total package. At their easiest, a wash in the vegetable sink in pop directly in mouth. However; quite often after the day has set and night is upon us I quickly make up the dill dip and we just scoop up the dip and use the snow peas for a pleasurable crunch. We have been working on healthy versions and this is it! As always with my recipes, make them your very own, give them your own special memory, and look closely you will see that pea pod looking up at you too."
Lemon-Dill Dip created by SarahBeth
Ready In:
2hrs 10mins




  • Mix sour cream, mayonnaise, scallions, dill, lemon juice, salt, and any optional ingredients as listed.
  • Chill dip for at least 2 hours to allow flavors to marry.
  • Serve the dip with snow peas as your dipper(s).
  • Don't have snow peas? Use what is in season for your area. Blanched asparagus, baby carrots, or cucumbers or of course, chips.

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  1. whtbxrmom
    I made two batches of this for our New Year's Eve celebration. The first batch I made exactly as written, including the optional red pepper flakes and lemon pepper seasoning. While it was good, we weren't totally crazy about it. So I made a second batch, this time leaving out the optional red pepper flakes and lemon pepper seasoning, as well as the lemon juice. This gave us the result we had hoped for and seem to be the favorite of everyone. Four stars for this recipe as written. Five stars leaving out the optional items and the lemon juice.
  2. Sharon123
    A fresh and perfect dip for my baby carrots and snow peas! I needed a light and summery lift, and this filled the bill! You made my day a little more delightful, thanks!
  3. SarahBeth
    This was super delish darling Andi! I loved the heat from the red pepper flakes! I also added about 1 1/2 tbs of cilantro to mine because I just felt it would work well and it really did! I wish I had made more! Also this worked very well with low fat sourcream and fat free mayo! Perfect over some blanched green beans! Thanks for posting! Made for Spring into Fruits and Veggies game in the Diabetic Forum April 2010!!!
  4. SarahBeth
    Lemon-Dill Dip Created by SarahBeth
  5. SarahBeth
    Lemon-Dill Dip Created by SarahBeth



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