Diana's Easy Crock Pot Pork Loin

Recipe by Diana in KS
READY IN: 6hrs 40mins




  • You will need the following items to complete this recipe. Frying pan, Tongs, and a crock pot.
  • Pat meat to make sure it is completely dry.
  • Add 2 T of oil to pan, making sure stove is set to high heat.
  • Coat meat with remaining tablespoon of oil and season to taste on all sides.
  • Add meat when 1-2 drops of water dance in the skillet.
  • Add meat, making sure to brown on all sides including the ends.
  • Do not move the meat too soon. I would say 3-5 minutes on each turn would result in excellent brownage. The time will depend on your stove and pan.
  • Remove meat to crock pot when this is complete making sure to leave the pan on the stove and reducing the heat to med-high.
  • Cover the meat with the sliced onions, then top with onion soup mix.
  • Now take the broth, bay leaf, worcestershire sauce, and garlic and deglaze the skillet. Making sure to scrap the bottom of your pan to remove any bits left by the meat.
  • Turn off heat and pour this sauce atop the meat.
  • Cover with the crock pot lid and set on low for 6-8 or 4-6 on high.
  • When the meat is done and easily pulled apart.
  • Remove meat to a platter.
  • Take 2 T of cold water and the 2 T of the flour and mix well.
  • Pour remaining juices into a skillet and add the flour mix.
  • Heat to boil while stirring with a whisk and let it thicken to your taste.
  • The general rule for flour to liquid ratio is 2 T of flour per 1 cup of liquid.
  • So if you have more than 1 cup of liquid make sure to adjust your flour, still making sure to use the cold water mixing to stop lumping.
  • You can serve this with roasted vegetables or just plain old mashed potatoes and carrots to make a complete meal. Don't forget your homemade garlic toast or french bread.