Diana Burger

"The most tender, juciest, delicious burger you'll ever eat with an explosion of cheese inside."
photo by Cuistot photo by Cuistot
photo by Cuistot
Ready In:


  • 2 lbs ground beef (one medium sized package)
  • 6 ounces lipton's onion dip mix (one envelope)
  • 4 tablespoons sour cream
  • American cheese (one slice per burger)
  • 14 chopped white onion (optional)
  • whole wheat hamburger bun


  • Put the ground meat into a mixing bowl.
  • Pour one packet of Lipton's onion dip mix into the bowl.
  • Add sour cream to the meat and onion dip mixture
  • Add some chopped onions if you'd like
  • Mix everything together with your hands.
  • Make a thin patty
  • Place American cheese on top of the patty.
  • Form another thin patty top of the cheese so that the cheese is in the middle of two layers of meat. Make sure there is no cheese showing and there is meat around the cheese on all sides.
  • Cook the burgers on the grill/barbecue (time depending on how well done you'd like them).
  • Toast the buns on the grill if you'd like.

Questions & Replies

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  1. under12parsecs
    I've never had a burger with sour cream in it before and was surprised by how flavorful and jucy it made them. These are wonderful, ooey gooey goodness.
  2. WhatamIgonnaeatnext
    I like this recipe except for the fact that the cheese leaks out. I saw another similar to this in a book and it suggested to somehow crimp the edges to keep the cheese in.
  3. Cuistot
    I made this for freezer tag so tripled the recipe so we could have one nights dinner and then freezer some for another night. This does make a moist burger but I was disappointed that most of the cheese leaked out while cooking, I felt this could be changed by using more binding agents. It did do better partially frozen. For freezing I just followed the recipe and flash froze the raw patties on a cookie sheet then froze in freezer bag with wax paper between. Thawed on the counter to partially thawed and grilled.
  4. Mary N.
    These were very tender and flavorful. The kids liked them, so they passed the test! I really liked the cheese inside the burger, kept everything moist. Good recipe! Thanks for sharing!
  5. 741200
    These burgers really are juicy and delicious. The inclusion of the cheese INSIDE of the burger as opposed to on top, and the sour cream mixed in with the ground beef help to keep the burger so unbelievably tender.



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