Delicious Prune Apricot and Ginger Yogurt (No Fat/ Sugar)

Recipe by Ethan UK
READY IN: 2mins




  • Using an exceedingly sharp, small, flat-bladed, serrated edged knife (hope you understand that!), holding one prune after the other in your fingers, chop small bits off till completely chopped into a small plastic pot. (A clean, used individual yoghurt pot is ideal - plastic because it will keep the cold yoghurt cold). I suggest a flat edged knife with a serrated edge because I've found a tendency to cut oneself with a rounded-edge knife such as a chef's knife.
  • You'll probably want to lick your fingers clean at this point - before rinsing/washing them :).
  • Add the yoghurt on top of the prune bits and add (just) a couple of drops of vanilla flavouring.
  • Add a couple of teaspoons sweetener to taste. Not tried it with some honey instead but I expect it should be nice. Don't use sugar unless preparing and chilling well in advance because the sugar will take ages to dissolve.
  • Add a generous teaspoon of a good quality high-fruit apricot jam or conserve.
  • Sprinkle a generous dash of ground ginger or some candied or fresh chopped ginger if preferred.
  • Sprinkle the 1/2 teaspoon Oat Bran across the top and stir the whole pot together well.
  • SERVE.
  • note:
  • This doubles, triples etc really well, but if making several servings at once you'll probably need to clean the knife after doing a couple as it gets really sticky!
  • Please use Oat Bran - not oatmeal or quick oats, it's just the bran part. Oat bran is naturally really sweet and creamy and takes this from out of the ordinary to the realms of a high luxury yoghurt. At a push I guess quick oats would do, but I've tried it and it comes a poor second.
  • Oat bran is brilliant for lowering cholesterol, is just so unbelievably good for you and what's cool about it is that it actually even tastes really nice! Well worth trying a packet and adding a bit to 'this and that'! :) It goes great in bread making!