Deborah's Best Crockpot Apple Butter

READY IN: 20hrs 15mins
YIELD: 9 pints




  • Pour 141 oz. of applesauce (3 large containers, leaving 1 for later), apple juice concentrate and spices all into a crockpot, stir. Make a vent by placing two wooden spoons across the top of the crockpot bowl, then put cover on top of wooden spoons. This way the steam can be released and the apples can cook down. (tip- put a towel or cloth around the counter as it might splatter a bit).
  • Stir and turn down to low and let simmer overnight (at least 10 hours).
  • Stir. By now the applesauce should be brown and reduced a bit. Add the remaining jug of applesauce (47 oz), put cover back on wooden spoons and turn the heat up to High. Let it cook another 4-6 hours. Now the apple butter is complete. If you like it silky smooth, you can take an immersion hand blender and run it through the apple butter, churning it and getting the texture very fine. If that's not preferred, it's completely fine to eat as is.
  • Put hot apple butter into sterilized, hot jars (wash and bake them at 225* for 20 minutes) and put lids on. Put in a boiling bath for 10-15 minutes, take out and drain on a rack or thick towel. Test all the tops to make sure they're tightly sealed and don't "pop" when you press down on them. Enjoy!