Dean's New Mexico Green Chile Stew

Recipe by CandyTX
READY IN: 6hrs 30mins




  • Start by cutting up your meats, pork first. Then toss into pot to brown along with the cumin.
  • Once you have all the meat in the pot browning, add the garlic and onion, After all your meats are browned sufficiently, remove from heat and drain.
  • Transfer your meat to the slow cooker (or if you want to simmer all day continue with your stock pot.) add the chilies, taters and spices and enough water to cover it completely. Note: For slow cookers I put it on in the late evening (9-10 pm) and let it go slow all night and wake up to the smell of what is by far the best smelling stew you ever ate.
  • For the cook all day stock pot route, simply heat to boiling then reduce heat and simmer until potatoes are soft enough for eating. The jalapeños are optional and can be added at the end to kick it up or if you know spice, start with it.
  • And yes you can calm it down with sour cream if you get too racy with yer chili.
  • The taters pull a lot of heat out of the chilies as they cook, but if you went over the mark you can also add stewed tomatoes to your recipe if you like to calm it down too.