Dark Chocolate & Bourbon Bonbons

READY IN: 30mins
YIELD: 40 bonbons




  • Line a 9X9 baking tray with parchment. Chop chocolate and place in a large glass bowl. On the stove simmer heavy cream, bourbon, vanilla and salt. Just before it boils remove from heat and pour a quarter into the chopped chocolate. Allow to rest 2 minutes and mix a little. Slowly add the remainder of the cream and whisk. (Adding all the cream at once would cause the fat to separate from the chocolate which is not what you want.
  • Mix thoroughly until creamy and pour into your parchment lined dish. Chill at least two hours or overnight before removing.
  • Once set you can remove and cut into your desired shapes. I melted down various chocolates and using a dessert fork with a missing center tine, dipped each bonbon in a bath of chocolate before doing fine decorating using melted chocolate in a parchment bag.