Dad's Fish Batter

Recipe by CHEF GRPA
READY IN: 10mins




  • Sift dry ingredients.
  • Add water and mix well. whisk until you have a smooth batter, if needed add a bit more water but do not make it too thin. (or use some beer if you like up date1968).
  • Use to coat fish or chicken filets. (not too thick or thin on the coating).
  • Cover the fish completely.
  • Deep fry until a nice golden brown.
  • SOME TIP's: If you didn't have a deep-fryer to fry the fish in, A shallow fry pan can be use, And add some oil to the pan, and I was all way surprised the batter stayed on the fish. Excellent!
  • I did some chicken tenders, then some fresh flounder fillets, then some shrimp. It was all incredible! Next time I will make some hush puppies, and it will be just like eating at the restaurant!
  • This really was an excellent batter. I made it up an hour before I used it as I have heard that this makes batter 'stick' better to whatever you're frying. Anyway, it stuck. Light, crisp and not greasy.
  • For fun I tried this on onion rings and I took some sweet banana peppers and split them and removed the seeds and battered them and fried to a golden brown, excellent. I think you could batter any thing with this recipe. THANK's DAD !
  • NOTE: After reading some of the other reviews, they stated the batter was to running. I added a 1/2 cup of corn meal to the batter, also some garlic & onion powder to taste and/or fish seasoning. I also let the fish sit in the batter for 30 minute This made the batter a bit thicker on the fish and made it stick well. My entire family loved this recipe. I am also expected to make this recipe for my neighbor. She buys the fish I cook it. We now have an awesome batter for our fish. WE all Love IT.