Cucumbers With a Kick

"as a kid i was introduced to cucmbers in vinegar but the vinegar taste is far too bitter and unpleasant to me and by tweaking the recipe i have found myself to eat 1-3 whole cucumbers at a time."
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  • peel cucumber.
  • add into a storage container ( i use ziplock)
  • seed lemon squeezing all juices into storage container and as much pulp as desired ( microwave lemon 10 seconds and roll to extract all the juice)
  • add salt ( and if desired your chili powder)
  • place lid on container and shake
  • eat immediatly
  • OR leave in fridge a day or so and by all means drink the juice!

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  1. Maito
    Good side dish. I halved the lemon, quartered the chili powder and used just an 1/8 teaspoon of the salt. I think you could probably get away with a quarter of the lemon too.
  2. Autsayder
    I wasn't thrilled with this, but it tasted alright. If I make it again, I think I'll cut back on the lemon juice and salt a little.
  3. OriginalBadCook
    Like Lays Potato Chips, you can't eat just one. These are heavenly!! Nobody else in my family has had a chance to try them, because I can't leave them alone!
  4. Studentchef
    These were really good. Instead of usin a whole lemon I used bottle lemon juice. I enjoyed it very mch, but it got mushy on the second day.
  5. Brooke the Cook in
    Awesome! I have never had cukes this way and I LOVED them!! I doubled the recipe using 1t of chili powder and 1t sea salt... my DH said they were just like his mom used to make. :) I don't think I'll go back to using vinegar/dill with my cukes again, this was too good! Who would have thought, chili and lemon with cucumbers!! Thanks so much for sharing; I'll be making these all summer long. Made for PAC Spring 2008!!


i am currently living in japan until JAN 2009. what a culture shock from the usual las vegas. well i just joined and im sad i didnt know about this sooner. i love love love to cook and that makes me really happy. i also have 0 ability to make cookies from scratch =( THE WAY I RATE 5***** such an easy delicious meal changed very little or not at all 4**** i changed a bunch of things but it was a good start 3*** i thought it was alright but it was changed so much i created my own recipe 2** i felt that the dish had good ingredients but it was not good at all or there were too many errors 1* this is just terrible i hardly ever give below a 3. ( :) )
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