Crock Pot Oniony Pork Chops With Creamy Mustard Sauce

"If you like onions, do try this crock pot dish. Note that you will have a LOT of sauce."
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photo by A Marsteller
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Ready In:
5hrs 25mins




  • In a skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat and brown pork chops on both sides; place in bottom of slow cooker when browned.
  • In same skillet, reduce heat to medium and saute onions until softened; add garlic, dry mustard, salt and pepper, and cayenne and cook, stirring, for 1 minute.
  • Add flour and cook, stirring, for 1 minute.
  • Add vinegar and wine and cook until thickened.
  • Pour this mixture over pork chops, put lid on crock pot and cook on Low for 4 to 5 hours or on High for 2 to 2-1/2 hours (I did Low for 4-1/2 hours), or just until pork is tender.
  • Remove pork chops from slow cooker and place on a warmed platter.
  • Stir Dijon mustard and whipping cream into juices in slow cooker; when well combined, turn slow cooker off and pour sauce over chops on platter and serve immediately.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Judy G.
    I don't have time to cook this recipe in a crockpot today. Can this be finished on the stovetop? Or in the oven?
  2. Leslie B.
    Lennie. Made this in the C pot. it was fabulous. 2 meals for Hubby and i with left over for my lunch. Now I need a triple batch or more to feed hungry will have to cook in the oven. Any suggestion on time? Need the info by tomorrow if possible. Thank you.
  3. Rebecca T.
    I am cooking this now on low, but my 1" thick boneless chops were still a bit frozen, and I am concerned that they won't be done by our usual 6 p.m. dinnertime (that would give them only about 4 hours on low). Should I cook it on high instead to ensure they are done in time? Will that result in less-tender pork chops? Do boneless chops cook faster than bone-in?
  4. MultnomahGirl
    Boneless ok?
  5. Kandymctea2002
    Boneless or bone in?


    Cheers to you Lennie! I have christened the crockpot with your recipe and I’m very pleased to announce that my first crockpot experience coupled with your Crockpot Oniony Pork Chops with Creamy Mustard Sauce was a hit! This family has never tasted pork chops this tender and moist EVER!!! The sauce was delicate, a nice balance of mustard, cream and sweet caramelized onions. I made it exactly as you specified and also cooked it on low for 4 ½ hours and it was perfect. I decided to go all out and make it a “Hardening Of The Arteries” night, and served it with new baby red potatoes bathed also in cream and dill, there are no words in the english dictionary to describe that kind of satisfaction, but I do think with the amount of sauce created from the dish that one could serve this nicely with say...mashed potatoes, and perhaps live a little longer! I might add that in our house we rate & review in detail all new recipes using the 5 star system (Which has been a family tradition for some time), and hubby who is a tough food critique gave this a full 5 stars! Believe me, not many recipes get a 5 star rating out of him! I’m submitting a photo in gratitude of this satisfying dish and would encourage all to give it a try! Keep up the great work Lennie!!!
  2. Lorac
    A wonderful combination of flavors. The pork was fork tender and the sauce is absolutely yummy. I added fresh sage leaves just to use them up. Next time I would put the onion mixture under the chops. My chops were too thick so the pan juices never combined with the mixture. So I scraped the mixture off the tops and into the liquid. I served this with green peas and butternut squash. My husband had 3 helpings and proclaimed this dish a ***** keeper.
  3. Milla
    well, perhaps i fumbled something with this recipe, because it turned out a bit on the unsavoury side. the pork was quite tuff and the sauce was overly mustardy, and i only added 1 tbsp of it. i think that did the recipe in, cus the sauce was yummy before the mustard went in. maybe it was my mustard?
  4. Panino
    We had this dish tonight and it is another great one from Lennie! did a little extra thickening on the sauce but we like it rather thick. didn't have whip cream so used half and half. used one tbs. of the mustard and it was subtle and super!Everybody raved.Thank you for all of your effort and hard work Lennie to post such great recipes!
  5. TishT
    We had this last night and it was great! We ended up adding the cream late but the sauce was wonderful and savory. I would like to add a little bit of garlic next time as I think it would make the sauce even better, if that's possible! The 2" thick chops we used were fork tender. Ended up heating up one of the chops later for my husband who came home late and even 'nuked later, he deemed it wonderful! We will definitely make this again.


  1. jetagehoratio
    I think 2 hours on high would certainly be enough time.
  2. Vicky Mayonnaise
    I just made this recipe for dinner tonight. OMG, this was AMAZING! So, so good! I added a whole sliced red pepper too and fresh mushrooms! There was a lot of sauce and mine had even more because I put in the whole cup of whipping cream so it wouldn't go to waste in my fridge. Since I added the extra cream, I also added another tablespoon of dijon mustard. The extra cream and mustard were a last minute decision, had I thought of it earlier I would've added some more flour too to thicken it up....absolutely delicious non the less. I used 6 pork chops and 6 country spare ribs. They were so tender and juicy!!! The meat fell right off the bone when I pulled them out. I accompanied my oniony mustardy pork chops with brown rice. When boiling the brown rice instead of using butter I used a couple of tbsp or the sauce and then poured the sauce over the pork chops and rice when serving. I tell you, I don't even like mustard but this was exceptionall! Cheers and thank you for posting such a great recipe!
  3. Tara1183
    They were so unique and tasty. I am not even a mustard lover and I loved them! I used half and half instead of whipping cream but it needed a tsp more flour that way so next time I will just use whipping cream. Had it on steamed jasmine rice with sauce on both.
  4. Julie04005
    Delicious and very easy! I did have to make a few substitutions. Instead of the wine I used some apple cider and instead of cream I added another half cup of cider and then whisked in some corn starch at the end to thicken the sauce. It was still very creamy and flavorful, possibly because the dijon I used was a very smooth creamy mustard. In my oval Michael Graves cooker it took about 4 1/4 hours on the automatic setting and the meat was fall off the bone delicious! Not tough at all! I served mine over a bed of rice.
  5. islestyle
    This recipe was absolutely wonderful! I doubled the cream, used 3/4 cup chicken broth instead of wine, left other ingredients the same and cooked 9 chops, hoping to freeze some with the ample sauce for another night. Unfortunately, my husband liked them so much, he ate 4 chops! With the addition of buttered noodles, asparagus and applesauce, he's a full and contented man! Thank you for this easy gourmet recipe:>)


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