Crock Pot Marinated Pot Roast

"Found this in a Slow Cooker Classic's magazine. The marinade really brings out a great flavor in the meat. It comes out so tender that you won't even need a knife! You can also add potatoes and carrots in the last hour of cooking if you like. Is also great over noodles."
photo by Vickie D. photo by Vickie D.
photo by Vickie D.
Ready In:
8hrs 10mins




  • In a gallon size ziplock bag, combine the first eight ingredients.
  • Cut the roast in half add it to the marinade and coat all sides.Refrigerate over night.
  • Place roast and marinade in slow cooker,cover,and cook on low for 8 to 10 hours or until meat is tender.
  • Remove roast to a serving platter or cutting board and cover to keep warm.
  • In a sauce pan combine cornstarch and cold water and stir till smooth.
  • Add 1 1/2 cups of the cooking juices discarding the whole cloves first.
  • Bring to a boil and stir and cook for two minutes or until thickened.Serve with roast.

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  1. Brenda.
    Delicious! I was a little nervous about how the cloves would flavor the roast but everything worked together so well that we will be making this again. Due to time constraints I did make the roast in the oven vs crock pot and it was tender, juicy, and delicious. I used broth, regular soy sauce, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. *Made for PAC Spring 2010*
  2. CaramelPie
    This was wonderful! I used the white wine and regular soy sauce. My family doesn't care for gravy, so I didn't make that. I marinated the roast all day, and put it in the crockpot at midnight. It was great for lunch the next day. Thanks for such an easy & tasty recipe.
  3. Skitzoid Lady
    I've been making pot roast in the crock pot for around 35 years. Around 1990, I bought the Fix-it-and-Forget-It cookbook. The author suggested making a rack with potatoes when cooking beef roast. The reason being is that it lifts the roast up out of any liquid which can make the roast seize up. I've always used a rack of some sort, and my roasts come out very tender. So, with this recipe, I made a rack of potatoes and carrots, which I set my roast on. Then I settled quarters of onions around the roast and threw chopped celery on top. I followed the marinade recipe using the white wine. When I dumped the marinade in the crock pot, I didn't feel there was enough liquid, so added a half cup white wine, and a half cup water. I cooked this about 8 1/2 hours. I made the gravy as described. My thoughts were that I couldn't taste the cloves at all. It's not like cloves are expensive, but I didn't see the point, so won't do it again. Everything tasted marvelous, but I thought the gravy was on the salty side, and I did use low salt soy sauce. Next time I'll bring it down to 1/4 cup. I've never used white wine in a beef recipe before. I've always used red. So I was super curious how this would turn out. I used a Chardonnay, as it was what I had hanging out in my pantry. Without question, this is the star of the dish. The wine didn't overpower the meat as red wines can sometimes do. In fact, the flavor was sort of sitting off in the background, lingering and complimenting the other flavors. The only reason I gave this four stars is because of the saltiness. But then, I do try to make lower sodium dishes because my husband needs to watch his salt intake.
  4. pipermerrill
    I followed the recipe (no variation on seasonings and roast was delicious. I made the sauce and served it on the side over steamed brown rice with roasted vegetables. We will be having this roast recipe again.



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