Crock Pot Kalua Pork

"One of our favorite things at our local Hawaiian Mix Plate! Prep time includes the sitting overnight in the fridge. This definitely isn't a "quick" recipe but it is worth the wait."
photo by Tinkerbell photo by Tinkerbell
photo by Tinkerbell
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  • Cut slits in pork and rub with salt, garlic & liquid smoke or soy sauce. Wrap in plastic and let in rest overnight in the fridge.
  • 10-12 hours before serving, place in crockpot. Add an inch of water. Turn crockpot on low and leave it to cook for 10-12 hours, flipping pork over halfway through.
  • Remove from the crockpot and shred with two forks.
  • Eat as is or on a sandwich or even stir fried quickly with some shredded cabbage!

Questions & Replies

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  1. Mary F.
    What flavor liquid smoke? I have access to: Mesquite or Hickory


  1. Chef susan from San
    Wow! this is wonderful I used 2 tablespoons liquid smoke lots of salt and garlic put a little oil oil on the bottom of the crock pot did not marinade over night, used pork shoulder cooked about 9 hours ,this is fabulous served over browned cabbage ,thank you for posting
  2. Tinkerbell
    This was delish! And really very easy. Took maybe 3 minutes to get it in the bag last night & less than that to drop it in the crock pot this morning. I used a pork tenderloin (what I had on hand), the sea salt & liquid smoke. The final product was falling apart tender, with a subtle smoked flavor but definitely not overpowering. I'd love to throw a sliced onion in with it next time too. :) We ate it with cracked wheat sourdough rolls & with a dab of BBQ sauce (mainly for contrast in the photo). Thanks for sharing, QJB! :)
  3. Julie F
    Wonderfully easy recipe that can comes together easily in the crock pot. It is very flexible and makes a large amount. I froze some and kept some out, but it all disappeared quickly!


  1. Spikeygrrl
    I initially read kalua as Kahlua (the coffee liqueur) so that's the taste I started craving! I'd already bought Kahlua by the time I realized my mistake. So I added 1.5 cups Kahlua and 1.5 cups very strong coffee to the pot. While I shredded the pork I reduced the pot juices by half and mixed them with the shredded meat. Delish!


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