Crock Pot Hearty Hobo Soup - Vegetarian

Crock Pot  Hearty Hobo Soup - Vegetarian created by mydesigirl

From the Busy Peoples Slow Cooker Cookbook by Dawn Hall

Ready In:
9hrs 30mins



  • I use my largest 6 Quart Smart Pot for this recipe.
  • I also use Low Sodium V-8 which comes in a 64 ounce bottle and adjust.
  • Spray a Slow Cooker with cooking spray ( I sometimes use those new Crock pot liners) for easy cleanup.
  • In the Slow Cooker mix together the Vegetables, Vegetable Juice, Bay Leaves, Cole slaw, Garlic Powder and Salt to taste (I substitute 1 Tbs ONLY of Ms. Dash Original Flavor for the garlic and salt and sometimes add chopped onions to taste).
  • Cover and cook on low 8 to 10 hours.
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@Chef RZ Fan
@Chef RZ Fan
"From the Busy Peoples Slow Cooker Cookbook by Dawn Hall"

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  1. Jean in Alvin
    Love that you can choose which frozen veggies used. My family of carnivores found the soup to be hearty and tasty. I left half of the leftovers in the fridge for their "grab and run" meals. Make sure you remove the bay leaf when it is finished cooking. I accidentally left a bay leaf in leftovers. Still good, but a bit strong the next day.
  2. GaylaV
    Although I was a bit disappointed in the result it was ok. My husband enjoyed it more than I did. To me it tasted very sweet, not sure why as I had a glass of the vegetable juice before making it and it didn't taste sweet. I cooked it on top of the stove and perhaps didn't give it enough time but after simmering for an additional 2 hours the next day I didn't notice any difference. I should have started with the part I really liked. It is incredibly easy and quick to prepare. On a tired morning it would be great to throw this in the crock pot. I did add some water the next day and I liked that better, chicken stock would be even better. I also added some fresh pressed garlic and pepper. Next time I will make those changes and only use half the amount of mixed veg. It is certainly worth trying again. Thanks for sharing your recipe.
  3. mydesigirl
    Crock Pot  Hearty Hobo Soup - Vegetarian Created by mydesigirl
  4. mydesigirl
    Crock Pot  Hearty Hobo Soup - Vegetarian Created by mydesigirl
  5. mydesigirl
    I love a good soup on a cold day! I skipped the bay leaves and the salt and used pepper. I also chopped up an onion and used fresh garlic plus the garlic I cooked this overnight in my crock and had some for breakfast...I couldn't resist! Thanks so much for posting! :)

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