Crock Pot Corned Beef and Cabbage

"The easy way to cook your St. Patrick's Day dinner."
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Ready In:
10hrs 5mins




  • Combine ingredients in crock pot with cabbage on top.
  • Cut meat to fit, if necessary.
  • Cover and cook on low 10-12 hours; high 6-7 hours or auto 6-8 hours.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Rena W.
    Can you use any kind of vinegar? I have balsamic and apple cider, or do I need white vinegar?
  2. Mrs. Q
    Are we sure that the nutrition info is correct? Are you supposed to divide the calories by four? I am a bit confused. Usually recipe gives the nutrition value by the serving. Nutrition Info Serving Size: 1 (621 g) Servings Per Recipe: 4 AMOUNT PER SERVING% DAILY VALUE Calories 1398.2 Calories from Fat 873 62%Total Fat 97.1 g 149%Saturated Fat 32.4 g 162%Cholesterol 499.8 mg 166%Sodium 5830.4 mg 242%Total Carbohydrate 30.3 g 10%Dietary Fiber 6.7 g 26%Sugars 19 g 76%Protein 96.2 g 192%


  1. kbaker78
    Vinegar allows meat to absorb seasoning!! So for those worried about the flavor coming through, unless your using a ton of need to worry! Vinegar is used in many meat marinades.
  2. Robin W
    Ths corned beef was the best I think I've ever had. It was fall apart tender. I did add 4 small red potatoes quartered and omitted the vinegar (as my DH dislikes it). This is a great hit at our house and will be made lots. Thanks for the recipe.
  3. gary7
    This was the FIRST meal in our BRAND NEW crock pot. Hey, I'm a guy and I did this one alone. It was soooooo simple and tasted well enough to make the irish smile. Oh ya, made the wife happy also to have a sunday off from cooking *smile*. It's a keeper, I'll do this one again.
  4. Bev I Am
    Miss Annie, I have prepared many corned beef recipes, but never one quite as easy, flavorful and fall-apart tender as this one. I prepared this without the cabbage because I basically wanted the corned beef to make Ruben Sandwiches. I can't wait until supper tonight! (I of course, had to have a little sample before hand! :) I will be using your recipe for our corned beef from now on! Thanks for yet another winner, Miss Annie!
  5. FloridaFoodFan
    I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet, I've been making it for years. Absolutely the best corned beef I've ever had. After a few trials and errors, I figured out you should NOT cut off any fat from the meat and put it in the crockpot fat side up. I also dump a big bag of baby carrots on the bottom and a few small red potatoes. The cabbage fell apart if I cooked it the whole 10-12 hrs, so I put it in the last 5-6 hrs. I substitute chicken broth for water because I had to use some up one time and I've been doing it that way ever since.


  1. OrlandoBill
    Try Guinness Stout Beer instead of Beef Broth.
  2. mommerella
    This was well received. The only thing I did different was use apple juice in place of the water!!! Gives it a little extra flavor!!!



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