Crock Pot Candy

"Easy homemade candy in your crock pot!"
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Ready In:
2hrs 5mins




  • Put peanuts in bottom of crock pot; add other ingredients.
  • Cook on low setting for 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
  • Place rounded spoonfuls onto wax paper and allow to cool.

Questions & Replies

  1. Why the red, do I need both the black and red ingredients
  2. Can you freeze this candy?
  3. Can different nuts, like almonds be used? Do they have to be dry roasted nuts?
  4. Hello everyone, I make this recipe every year for Christmas. All recipients love this. How early can I make these? A few days ok? Like 4 days ahead? Appreciate any info. Sara
  5. Hi lady. I'm looking for a recipe to make simple peanut snack with sugar in a slow cooker or normal pot on the snappychef please.


  1. I absolutely love this recipe! As a person who works full time and is always making something for bake sales for my daughter's school, it is extremely easy to make and tasty. I have a rather small crockpot and this is a generous recipe, but it will still work if you stir it about midway through cooking.
  2. I made these before Christmas, using a cookie scoop. When I realized the candies were way too big, I put them all back into the crockpot until they were melted, then used a small spoon to drop the candy onto waxed paper. Very tasty, and this recipe makes a huge batch.
  3. This recipe is sooo easy and VERY GOOD.Everyone just LOVED it! We thought it tasted like a snikers bar without the carmel.Wonderful!
  4. I have dumped milk duds candy and caramel chips in pot with the chocolate chips and peanuts and candy comes out like chocolate turtles. Candy seems to be a hit and I never have any left over!
  5. Very good easy recipe, took it to work everyone wanted the recipe. I've also left out the nuts and added toasted coconut just before removing from the crockpot and made it with rice crisp cereal. Thanks for posting this delicious recipe.


  1. I too LOVE this recipe. I am using it for the 2nd yr in a row for my Christmas candies. It is SO good & makes a ton. The ingredients can get a little pricey, but it's cheap compared to what I would spend on gifts for the same people. I could NOT find almond bark this year...don't know's usually not a problem. So, instead I used 3 C Semi-sweet choc chips, 2 C white choc chips, 1 4oz bar of Ghirardelli Premium white baking bar, & 1 C of milk choc chip. Oh, I also used 2 16oz jars of lightly salted peanuts instead of 1 salt & 1 not. Still turned out super yummy & set up nicely. Thx for a wonderfully easy candy recipe that tastes wonderfully!
  2. I did not tweak because it was so good as is.
  3. See comments
  4. I have a girl friend who is allergic to peanuts. She had been craving, being pregnant, a chocolatey candy. I came across this and thought.. what would happen if I replaced the peanuts with dates, raisins, and mini pretzels. Well, needless to say IT WORKED OUT GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for a perfect solution and versatile recipe!
  5. AWESOME recipe! Made it last night and brought it to work and it was quite a hit! Super easy too! Next time I will vary it a little with almonds or pecans instead of the peanuts. This recipe will get used over and over and over again!!! Thanks for sharing this!!!!



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