Southern Crock Pot Beef Stew

"A great dinner without heating up the kitchen."
Southern Crock Pot Beef Stew created by boy named Sous
Ready In:
9hrs 10mins



  • Place the meat in the crock pot.
  • Add remaining ingredients.
  • Cook on low for 9-10 hours.
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"After DH and I moved away from the farm, and to the city...I haven't done as much cooking and very little canning. But I do come to Zaar and look for new recipes once in a while. I'm still cooking Zaar!! I like to play at Facebook, with my family and friends. A lot of my Zaar friends are there!! Yay! It's a good way to keep in touch. We travel more. We're looking at the European trips now. Hope to go in the springtime. I really want to see London, I think I lived there in a past life, I've been obsessed with it since I was 10 years old!!"

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  1. mamamurf
    I meant to give this 5 stars for exceeding my expectations!
  2. lilrhody30
    Quick, Easy and Tasty!!! a new staple in our house. The only change I would make is to thicken it up some.
  3. PMSchef
    huge hit with my family. I've made it twice. I didn't have any vegetable bouillon cubes so I just used 4 beef.
  4. alkaloidqueen
    This was okay for me. Didn't do much for my taste buds...Thanks for sharing though.
    This is a very good basic crock pot recipe and I'll for sure prepare it again. I used a marbled chuck roast and appreciated that in this recipe there was no requirement to coat the beef in flour and sear it in a separate skillet. I cut the layer of fat from the bottom of the roast before cutting it into cubes. This was somewhat difficult, but made a significant improvement to the overall result. However, I made some changes and additions to the recipe to suit my personal preferences and I offer them for your consideration. First, I used only 2 cups water, based on other reviews, my changes, and hoping for a little thicker gravy. Second, after assembling all the ingredients in the crock pot except the potatoes and celery, which I added (celery) at about the 5 hour mark, I added some Chef Paul "Vegetable Magic" seasoning. (I think whatever seasonings one likes would work.) It appeared to me from reading the recipe, which calls for no seasonings, that I would probably prefer something with a little bit more "kick." Third, I omitted the potatoes, since I planned to serve the stew over extra wide buttered egg noodles, and since in my experience potatoes cooked all day in the crock pot tend to break down and become mushy. And certainly I didn't want both pasta and potatoes at the same meal. Next, after testing the consistency of the sauce after about 6 hours in the crock pot and finding it a bit thin for my taste, I decided to add a little Wondra Sauce Flour toward the end of the cooking time, on high heat, to thicken the gravy. Finally, I added some frozen green peas about ten minutes before the completion of the cooking time. I think firm green peas are an essential ingredient to a great beef stew. I served the stew over the mentioned noodles along with crusty sliced baguettes and a crisp green salad made with Romain lettuce and a tart vinaigrette dressing. I think a light red wine would be a perfect compliment. What a nice comfort meal this was for me and my guest. Thank you.

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