Crock Pot BBQ Chicken

Crock Pot BBQ Chicken created by yogiclarebear

Courtesy of my friend Sam (copperbadge) on LiveJournal.

Ready In:
6hrs 5mins



  • Mix all ingredients together, place in crock pot, and cook for six hours on low.
  • When chicken is cooked, remove meat, shred, and add sauce to taste.
  • Serve on buns or over hot rice.
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"Courtesy of my friend Sam (copperbadge) on LiveJournal."

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  1. chefermom2
    Sooooo Good! I heard Yummy! and That was really flavorful many times from my family. I did add about 2 Tbsp of brown sugar because it was a bit tart to me mid way through cooking. I also mostly cooked the chicken (in crock pot) then shimmed fat and removed most of juice before adding sauce (this was after about 2 hours). I then added some of the juice back in until it was just a bit runnier than I wanted. Then let it simmer until dinner time (4-5 hours). If I were going to let this go all day without tending it I might add some corn starch to the sauce mixture so it would thicken better. Definitely a keeper!
  2. SinginChef
    I wanted to give this 5 stars...and I would for ease and flavor...but the sauce was too watery. (And I had the chicken pretty dry to start.) I stuck it in a pan and simmered it on the stove for a bit to try to thicken it up...and I thought it would be fine once it was remixed with the shredded chicken. But, when it got to a plate, it was still too juicy. I'm not sure what happened. Just thought I should share this frustration in case anyone else has this issue. The only thing I did differently was to double the recipe-doubled it EXACTLY-so I doubt that had anything to do with it. Still good though! Just not thick...
  3. gil.lou
    YUMMY! Made this chicken yesterday. The sauce is OH SO SO good! My husband and I both loved it. It is very easy and quick to make. Can't wait to have company over to serve them this chicken. And I can't wait to taste it again! Thank you for this great recipe.
  4. yogiclarebear
    Crock Pot BBQ Chicken Created by yogiclarebear
  5. yogiclarebear
    Delicious and easy. I made this for two, using 12 oz chicken breast. It was the perfect chicken-to-sauce ratio. I also cut carbs by using unsweetened ketchup and sugar-free maple syrup. To get the sweetness back I added a bit of artificial sweetner. (Brown Sugar Twin) This was wonderful, and would be easy to spice up a little more if we wanted it hotter.

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