Creole Red Beans and Rice

"This is a great Creole dish, and this is a good recipe. I usually have a bowl or two when we go to Louisiana. Very filling, and pocketbook friendly. Make sure you have a Louisiana hot sauce on the table so each one can "heat" it up. NOTE: There is a difference between Kidney Beans and Red Beans. The smaller red beans are similar to black beans, in that they never get truly soft. I recommend using Kidney Beans in this recipe."
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  • Soak kidney beans overnight.
  • Pour out water and add 3 quarts fresh water.
  • Chop onion, bell pepper, celery and garlic.
  • Add to beans.
  • Add salt, pepper and Creole seasoning.
  • Cover and cook on low heat 4 hours.
  • Cut smoked sausage in 1 1/2-inch rounds.
  • Add to beans and cook 45 minutes.
  • Stir beans occasionally while cooking.
  • Rice: Bring 2 cups water and 1 tablespoon margarine to boil.
  • Add 1 cup rice; cover and simmer on low until water steams away.
  • Serve Red Beans over hot, steaming rice.

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  1. Malriah
    As a Louisiana native, all I need to do is look at this recipe and know that it tastes authentic. Just a few tips since I have had years of practice. One, the longer you cook the beans, the softer they become. Two, I just moved to a high altitude and I have learned that you MUST cook beans a very LONG time so if you live above 3000 ft, add more water and cook longer. The last tip is as you cook the beans obviously you have to stir them to keep them from sticking. When you stir, if you smoosh the spoon against the side of the pot, the beans will break open and the end result is a creamier style of red beans. Some people like it that way (me included), some don't so it is totally up to you. I just remembered something else! I have a recipe for "pickle meat" which I will post here on 'Zaar. Look for it in a few days. Try adding it to your beans and omitting the sausage. YUMMY! Okay, now I am home sick!
  2. Sackville
    When I saw this recipe I knew instantly that I wanted to make it but the problem is that I am far too impatient to go about soaking beans! So...I decided to make a "quick-fix" version. Essentially, everything was done in the same way except that I used canned kidney beans instead of the dry ones. I used a frying pan to simmer everything up and it was done in about 30 minutes. Scrumptious! The spices were just right and although I thought it might be a bit dry (without any tomato sauce or something else to hold the topping together) it wasn't at all. Thanks for posting it :)
  3. ratherbeswimmin
    I have been wanting to make this for some time now but it has just been so hot. I couldn't stand it any longer so I cranked up the air conditioner and let the good times roll. This is fabulous and exactly the way my mom used to make this. Kari in Denver is absolutely right with all her advice. I let the beans simmer probably more like 6-7 hours to get that ultra soft bean texture. The seasoning was just right, not too hot but hot enough you knew you were eating some great creole cuisine. Thanks Miss Annie, you have made this Louisiana gal's heart smile.
  4. ozarkannie
    I make red beans and rice all the time. I added a can of rotel and cheddar cheese on rice before adding red bean mixture. I keep cans of red beans on hand if I want this in a hurry. Must have in my family
  5. Kat Wood
    This was Delicious! My 6 year old daughter, whom I had to fight for the first 5 years of her life to eat 3 bites of everything on her plate, has finally develped and appetite and a taste for most things, actually asked for beans and rice. Usually, I make pinto beans and rice, but I thought this would be a nice change. The family loved it, including the finicky 3 year old, who is having to eat his 3 bites of everthing. I used Tony Chacerie's seasoning and turkey breakfast sausage, which I browned first and then added to the beans. It was what I had on-hand, and it was very good.


  1. Prana Princess
    For the time being I have chosen to rate this recipe at 2 stars, and here's why: WAY too much pepper!!! Holy cow!! As another reviewer pointed out, I should have listened to my gut when I questioned using 2 TBSPS of black pepper. Instead of the wonderful aroma of red beans & rice my entire house smells of black pepper. Yikes! I couldn't actually serve this for dinner and had to throw out the whole thing. That being said, I think this recipe has potential & I will try it again. However, I will be adjusting a few of the spice measurements. I like salt as much or more than the next person, but 2 tsps of salt in addition to the 2 TBSPs of Creole seasoning, which lists salt as its #1 ingredient, is even too salty for me. I will post a later review when I've made it again, but I do think it has the potential to be awesome--just not as written.
  2. joe.alvarez
    Thank God I used my cooking intuition to not take the ingredient measures literally! 2 tablespoons of pepper is WAY TOO MUCH pepper for this. I substituted Louisiana brand Cajun Seasoning for salt since I had no cayenne pepper handy. It came out pretty good. Remember, you can always add more salt or pepper at the end, so always go with your gut when the quantities seem wrong.



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