Creme Brulee Dessert Sauce

"This is a copycat recipe I made to taste like the (expensive!) Creme Brulee dipping sauce sold at Le Gourmet Chef stores in the USA. This is great over ice cream or cheesecake. You can also eat it as a dip with animal crackers or grahams."
photo by A Good Thing photo by A Good Thing
photo by A Good Thing
photo by A Good Thing photo by A Good Thing
photo by Chilicat photo by Chilicat
photo by Shannon Cooks photo by Shannon Cooks
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  • Using a wooden spoon, combine sugar and water in a large saucepan over a high heat, stirring constantly.
  • Use a dampened pastry brush to brush any stray sugar particles off the sides of the pan.
  • Continue to stir until mixture forms a caramel like mixture of darkened amber color.
  • Remove from heat and GRADUALLY add cream, stirring like a madwoman/madman after each addition.
  • Add cinnamon and vanilla and return to the heat for one minute. Keep stirring! (make sure that you do not leave it on the heat any longer!). Keep on stirring and serve as desired.

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  1. D. D.
    This is delicious! BUT I would have done a couple of things differently like the constant stirring meant the heat didn't get the sugar melting very fast and I wore myself out stirring little blobs that looked like they'd never change until I realized I could stir a bit then let it heat a bit then stir a bit and it worked better. When time to put the heavy cream in I thought I was putting it in slowly enough but apparently author means in drop by drop form cause I almost had a hard mess. Lastly the wooden spoon was something I didn't have and I made the mistake of using a flexible type plastic one. Don't do it. I accidentally flung a tiny bit of the hot melted sugar onto a finger and wow what a burn! BUT that said I will make this again and again because it was a hit with my guests. I added a tablespoon of Cointreau ( orange flavored liqueur ) to the mix and drizzled it over New York cheesecake - FABULOUS!
  2. sbean551
    For a special brunch I served this over creme brulee French toast. Devilishly delicious.
  3. momaphet
    I'm so glad Chilicat explained about the sugar or I would have given up. To get to the point of liqufying too far longer than I expected, and I had to piok out a few lumps that never melted. The end result was ok, it just wasn't worth the time it took to make,
  4. A Good Thing
    This is 5 STAR worthy and then some!!! I had mine over pineapple chunks and the blend was superb! Thanks, Shannon. (:
  5. Chilicat
    This was my first experience turning sugar into caramel and it felt like I was doing a chemistry experiment. The sugar dried out, then turned to a coarse powder, then started clumping into chalky chunks, then finally liquefied and turned color as I stirred and stirred away. I took it off the heat when it was a dark amber but still very watery in consistency, which is a good thing because it was just starting to give off a slightly burnt smell. I could probably have taken it off a little sooner. This is nice with animal cookies but I think I'll try it next with some ice cream. Thanks for posting!


  1. D. D.
    added a tablespoon of Cointreau ( orange flavored liqueur )



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