Crabapple Liqueur

"A neat way to utilize fall's bounty of crabapples."
photo by Brian B. photo by Brian B.
photo by Brian B.
Ready In:
1 quart


  • 4 quarts crabapples, washed, cored and quartered
  • 4 cups sugar
  • 3 cups vodka


  • Fill 1 (4-quart) mason jar with tight-fitting lid with prepared crabapples.
  • Add the 4 cups of sugar and three cups of vodka.
  • Store the jar on its side, turning once every day for 16 days to help the sugar to dissolve.
  • After 16 days, filter out the fruit bits and bottle.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Glenis K.
    I want to make crab-apple liqueur but don't have any glass jars large enough or pottery crocks. Can I use a large stainless steel stock pot?
  2. ktburston
    I don’t have a gallon jar but I have an old gallon crock with a lid. Everything I read says to fill a jar to the top and put the lid on. Do you think the crock will work if I put plastic wrap over the top? I would need to remove the plastic each day to stir with a spoon, thus letting air in. Also would you recommend filling to the brim to avoid any air in the crock?
  3. Tobi S.
    so... I used 4- 2 quart jars...BUT...the amount of vodka in the original recipe 3 cups barely filled 2 jars? I added more to top off the jars like the photo shows...????
  4. Robyne W.
    It doesn't look like the crab apples have been quartered and cored. It just looks like they are cut in half. In the spirit of laziness - will this work?
  5. Cinnamon B.
    I made the cordial and now I have these lovely vodka soaked apples...I don't want to waste them...what can I use them in???


  1. HappyTastes
    I made it for the second time this year. Not only is it very tasty, but it makes for a great gift if you find a cheap, interesting bottle at a discount store. The problem is, you have a lot of crabapples full of vodka left over. So I turned them into a crabapple sauce. I shared a lot of it, which was good, but still had a lot. So I combined it with this recipe: Sorry, it's in French, but it is way too yummy, especially with the vodka-infused crabapple sauce and the added chocolate chips and dried cranberries! :-) It was a great hit at work.
  2. Buckfan617
    Turned out to be an excellent decision! Great stuff and received many compliments (and a recommendation to increase production next year)! Thanks for the recipe.
  3. Lesley Ann
    excellent and not too clingy/syrupy
  4. Tobi S.
    hi...I follwed the directions and NO WAY did 3 cups of vodka fill the jar as in the photo. I used a quart plus a bit more of vodka. Any feedback?


  1. HappyTastes
    Made chocolate chip, cranberry, vodka-infused crabapple sauce chocolate cake with the leftovers. A real hit! :-)



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