Crab Boil Spices

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  • Add all of the ingredients to the bowl of a food processor fitted with the metal blade. Pulsing, process until the mixture forms a coarse powder.
  • For cooking shrimp, add 1/4 cup of the spices, along with 2 teaspoons salt, to a large saucepan of boiling water or half water and half beer.
  • For lobster or crab, use 1 part distilled white wine to 3 parts water.
  • Add the seafood and cook for 2 minutes, or until just cooked through.
  • Remove the seafood and serve or chill.

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  1. Here's what worked for me and what didn't. FIrst, I love Old Bay and was looking for close to a copycat with this recipe. It isn't close. A little too much ginger flavor for me. I'll probably pull it out the next time I make it in favor of paprika. I also as suggested by other's halved the salt. And that worked for me when I put it in the gumbo. Soups tradtionally have tons of sodium, so the folks that are panicking about the salt can use less if they want. But I do like this spice recipe, a nice flavor, and you can really tell the freshness of it being newly made. I would say this is more of a cajun spice than a creole spice. I'll try 1 TBS of this recipe with 1/2 Cup of corn meal and 1/2 cup of flour when I do catfish next time. The recipe makes about an equivelent to a can of Old Bay. I did give it 5 stars so you know I won't throw it out. The gumbo I put this recipe in is really good just not what I'm used to. Thanks, Candie.
  2. I would imagine that it's supposed to be "coarse sea salt" wich would dramatically reduce the sodium content. Try it that way. I'm sure you'll be happier.
  3. This was so much better than Old Bay or some other packaged seasoning mix. As for the poster objecting to the health implications.....ummm I don't think you will eat the seasoning with a BOIL your seafood in it. Most of the salt goes down the drain with the water when you clean up. Too funny.
  4. Hey Chef #711528 why not submit a crab boil recipe with less salt or better yet cut back on the sea salt in this recipe. I found this crab boil to taste much better than any pre packaged crab boil which is loaded with salt!!! Thanks Candie for submiting your homemade Crab Boil! I have used it twice now!
  5. with the amount of sodium (salt)included, it is simply not worth the health risk. 10 times the daily amount of sodium? This is definitely a recipe to avoid in the interest of health.



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