Cornbread (Mieliebrood)

"This is a huge hit at our Thanksgiving get-togethers and because of it my new monniker is "The Cornbread Lady!" This is deliciously moist and is excellent served with pork chops, too."
Cornbread (Mieliebrood) created by Bokenpop aka Mad
Ready In:
1hr 4mins




  • Sift together cornmeal, flour, sugar, baking powder and salt.
  • Beat eggs, milk and oil together very well and add to dry ingredients.
  • Stir in sweetcorn.
  • Bake at 350F for 1 hour (Check at 50 minutes).

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  1. goosena
    Dis mos nou hoe ons Suid Afrika moet adverteer, exellent stuff
  2. Neesie123
    We really enjoyed this! It reminded me of bread pudding (or maybe it was just the way I made it), I prefer this to traditional cornbread. Thanks!
  3. Kelly Bo9Hall
    Super recipe. Came out really well. The kids adored it!
  4. Bokenpop aka Mad
    Cornbread (Mieliebrood) Created by Bokenpop aka Mad
  5. Queenkungfu
    my search is over madeline. i don't even have to try other cornbreads anymore. i used regular flour cause i didn't have cake flour. i just subtracted 2 tbs. and it worked fine. this recipe is going to be added to my special recipe book that i am writing for my 7 yr. old son( for when he moves out). thanks.


I was born and raised in South Africa but now live in Delaware USA. Since I can remember I have been cooking! My first real cooking experience was when I was 7. I came home from school one afternoon and felt like French toast. My elder brother was home with his friends and did not want to make it for me, so I got a pan out, put it on the stove, turned the stove on to high. After that I could not remember what to do, but I knew that French toast involved bread so I put the bread in the hot pan without grease and poured milk over it! Oy vey... My brother's friend asked me what I was trying to make and I told him. He laughed and told me I was making it wrong but he also taught me how to make French toast the right way. I came home every day after that and made French toast. I felt so confident with the little bit of knowledge I had acquired that I soon started experimenting with other things. Nothing was going to stop me! The first full meal I ever made for my family was boiled rice and oven roasted chicken pieces with a steamed vegetable medley. I was 8 years old and my mom was in hospital. My dad was struggling to hold down an intensely busy job, keep the family going and be with my mom, so I thought I would help him. I don't think he believed that I had done it on my own. I remember telling him that I read in a cookery book how to make a roast chicken but I did not know what "a" rosemary was so I just put the chicken in the dish without it. Decades later with a myriad tried and tested recipes behind me - flops and failures included - I know my way around any food item and kitchen utensil, much to my family's delight!
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