Corn Chowder II

Recipe by Frank Butcher




  • While the first two ingredients are boiling, fry down the bacon in a large pot. Remove from heat.
  • Lift out and drain off the remaining bacon fat (I save it to fry up onions and garlic for chili). Return bacon to pot.
  • Add drained potatoes/onions and remaining ingredients in the pot. Place over med-low heat.
  • Heat through; stirring often (try not to boil) - and serve.
  • NOTES:
  • -I use 2 or 3 extra strips of bacon - adds a bit more flavour. More flavour is added by the stuff in the bottom of the pot too.
  • -I use a smaller tin of cream corn and a similar size tin of niblet corn.
  • -Reduce pepper to 1/2 teaspoon if kids are involved.
  • -Milk can be increased to 1 cup or more to achieve desired consistency.
  • -Substitute reconstituted powdered milk as a cost sav ing measure.
  • -To make a richer chowder, use half-and-half (or heavier cream) for the initial measure of milk.
  • -This keeps well - if there is any left over!
  • (Oct 1999) I had someone write to say how similar this recipe and theirs (from Norway) were. The difference was that they boiled the potatoes without the onion, but cooked up the onion with the bacon "to mix the onions and bacon flavours". They used 1/2 pound or more of bacon for the "double batch" (8 servings). I tried it this way and I am a convert!