Copycat 'Classic Sponge Cake!'

READY IN: 45mins
SERVES: 8-10




  • Grease 2 baking tins with butter. The two baking tins should be about 8 inches round.
  • Beat the butter and sugar altogether in a mixing bowl using a wooden spoon or alternatively you can you a hand held mixer. Continue to beat the mixture until the colour is pale and the texture is light ad fluffy. Add the eggs a little at a time, and beat well after adding each egg.
  • Sift the flour and salt , then gently add the mixture, folding it with a metal spoon or a spatula. Divide the mixture between the tins and smooth over with the spatula. Place both tins of cake mixture on the same shelf in the centre of a preheated oven, so that they both cook at equal times. Set the temperature to 180 degrees celcius/350 F/Gas mark 4, and bake for 25-30 minutes until golden brown.
  • Now remove from the oven and let them stand for 1 minute. Loosen the cakes from th eedges of the tins using a round bladed knife. Turn the cakes out into a clean tea towel or plate. Once the cakes are cool sandwich them together with jam and fresh cream, and sprinkle the top with icing sugar.
  • Then serve.