Cool Endive Boats Salad

READY IN: 15mins




  • Rinse endives and cut off bottoms. Remove outer leaves if blemished. Divide into as many "boats" as you like. Use only the largest leaves. Find a nice platter to use.
  • Prep the salad veggies. (I steamed thin asparagus briefly, rinsed under cold water, and chopped them up). Put all the salad veggies in a mixing bowl as you prepare them, then add the crumbled feta. Mix well. If you want to add any salt, be careful and use just a pinch of sea salt.
  • (If you do not have enough chopped salad veggies for the boats, cut up more!).
  • Mix the buttermilk and mayo in another bowl. (You might need to make more dressing -- it all depends on the size of your salad).
  • Put the arugula or lettuce to one side of your platter, and arrange the endive leaves in a half circle around the greens.
  • With a tablespoon, divide the prepared, finely chopped salad among the endive "boats".
  • With a spoon, drizzle the buttermilk-mayo dressing over the filled endive leaves.
  • You could sprinkle over coarse black pepper, or some paprika.
  • Refreshing on a hot day, as a side salad or starter.