Cookie Mud

Recipe by Julesong


  • 1
    container refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough, straight from the fridge
  • measuring cup


  • Get together a bunch of people who won't mind hearing each other moan in orgasmic-like pleasure.
  • Put your batch of cookie dough in a largish Pyrex measuring container (4 or 8 cup unit with handle) or other microwave safe dish and nuke in the microwave - if you have a really high powedred microwave do it for about 2 minutes then check it, if you have a lower powered machine do it for for 3 minutes and then check it; it's done when the texture is rather foamy - kind of half-cooked but not cake-y; increase the time by 30 seconds to a minute if it's not quite done, yet, remembering that it's not supposed to be completely cooked.
  • The first time you make Cookie Mud you might have to do a little experimentation to get the amount of time and done-ness to your liking, but it's worth the effort!
  • When it's ready, hand spoons to your friends, put the container on a hot pad within reach of them all, and back away quickly... if they've never had it before, they might be a briefly dubious - but if they've had it before, you might lose a finger if you don't get away from it fast enough.