Condensed Cream of Soup Substitute

"I use this recipe as a substitute for the canned cream of soups in recipes. I almost never keep that stuff on hand, because its full of sodium, and just yucky. The recipe calls for chicken broth. I use chicken broth for the cream of chicken soup substitute. To make a heartier soup, like the cream of mushroom, I use beef broth. Sometimes I like to add in a little shredded chicken, sliced mushrooms, celery, etc. Use your imagination. I've never tried this soup by itself, I only use it in recipes, and its a great substitute!!! The recipe always tastes better than when I use the canned stuff. Enjoy!"
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Ready In:
1 can




  • Melt butter in a saucepan over medium-low heat.
  • Stir in flour; keep stirring until smooth and bubbly.
  • Remove from heat and add the chicken broth and milk, a little at a time, stirring to keep smooth.
  • Return to heat. Bring sauce to a gentle boil; cook, stirring constantly, until it thickens.
  • Taste and add salt and pepper, as needed.
  • Use in casseroles in place of condensed cream soups.
  • Can be varied by using vegetable broth, sauteéd chopped celery, celery seed, or sauteéd chopped mushrooms.

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  1. Debby R.
    I do this all the time except equal parts of butter and flour. it thickens up as it cools. I freeze in cubes and also 1 cup sizes to pull out as needed depending on the recipe. If you don't have time and want to add directly to your stew, gravy etc. to avoid lumps mix softened butter with flour (add chopped parsley/herbs if you like) and then stir the paste in. The butter melts into the hot liquid and keeps the flour from clumping as it's mixed in. I generally mix a half cup of each, use what I need and freeze the leftovers in ice cube trays to mix in as needed.
  2. Ransomed by Fire
    I used this recipe a few days ago to make hamburger gravy. Instead of actually following the recipe's instructions, I just added the flour and margarine to the crumbled ground beef, followed by the liquids and let it thicken all together. I ended up adding a little extra bouillon granules to the finished product to get it tasting like my mom's. Once I was done tweaking the hamburger gravy with salt, pepper, garlic, and onion powder, it tasted almost exactly like the version my mom makes with canned mushroom soup. Now, I doubt I'll ever have to buy cream of mushroom soup again! Thank you so much!
  3. gimme some spam
    killer. except i had to increase the butter content to at least 3-4 tablespoons - adding as i stirred the flour because the roux kept looking like pizza dough. i sauteed mushrooms with a little scallion and garlic scape. used vege stock instead of chicken. for a pork chop sauce, i added another 1/2 cup of milk and the water from the sauteed mushrooms and man, was the sauce good. my husband loved the dish. i loved finding a killer soup base recipe! i'm trying to think of what else i can "cream" to add in this.
  4. jennie.cambron
    So glad I didn't feel like going to the store for just a csn of soup. I'll never buy artificially flavored, ready made again.
  5. Linky
    This worked out well, with the modifications some others mentioned - equal amounts of butter and flour; making a paste out of softened butter and flour and just adding that to your dish. I'll for sure be using this "trick"again!!


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