Company Chicken with Dried Beef

"What a rich chicken dish combining the mildness of the chicken with the saltiness of the beef, surrounded in the creamy sauce of cream cheese, sour cream and cream of mushroom soup...Decadent! Serve the sauce over rice, pasta, or noodles...whatever is your fancy!"
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photo by Pam-I-Am
Ready In:
2hrs 25mins




  • In large casserole dish, place a layer of dried beef slices, slightly overlapping each other.
  • Wrap a slice of bacon around each chicken breast and place on top of dried beef.
  • In a saucepan, heat together the cream cheese, sour cream, and undiluted mushroom soup.
  • Heat through until cream cheese is partially melted.
  • Pour sauce over chicken.
  • Sprinkle each breast with paprika.
  • Cover and bake for 2 hours at 350.
  • When serving, spoon soup mixture over each chicken breast and serve extra soup mixture in gravy boat or pitcher.

Questions & Replies

  1. Does cooked company chicken freeze well ?


  1. This is one of my family's long-time favorite "company" meals. We use eight chicken breast halves, rolled up, and wrapped with two pieces of bacon each. The gravy mix is one can of cream of mushroom soup, a 16-oz. carton of sour cream, and a double handful of chopped Portobello mushrooms. It goes in the oven covered at 300 d for 2 hours, then uncovered for 1 hour. I usually sprinkle some grated cheese over the top during the last 5 minutes. The long slow cooking time really fuses the flavors. I can't wait to try this with cream cheese and paprika. Thanks for sharing!
  2. I omitted the bacon. I like bacon crispy & it just seemed that the dried beef gave enough salty to the chicken.
  3. I love this recipe- I've made it for several years now - I don't like rubbery bacon either but I make mine alittle different- I cut up my bacon and sauté it in a skillet then add the cream of chicken soup/cream cheese mixgure to it and spread over the chicken w / dried beef underneath - cover and bake- the bacon gets in every bite and it's cooked well-
  4. Delicous sauce! I remember this from my mom too. I've looked at a few versions, but this one seemed more authentic to what I remember. I hesitated on adding the cream cheese, but after I did, I could tell the sauce was what I remembered. I halved the recipe for 4 BS-chicken breasts and baked them at 350 for one hour. Mine were over cooked. So I would suggest to others to reduce the baking time and check on it periodically so they don't get tough. ((In memory of Silent Cricket))
  5. ok i hate to be the only person who did not love this, but it was not well recieved at my house at all. I made myself eat mine, i thought the bacon was rubbery, i like crispy bacon, just reminded me of being undercooked even though im sure it wasnt. My youngest son, who is 10, wouldn't touch it and my 13 year old ate some, but didn't finish his either. Both said do not make it again. Leftovers went into garbage. Sorry, but just wasnt appealing at all.


  1. ya'll! you got to cook the bacon first. put it in the oven, its really easy that way. plus you get to keep that good grease in a can! keep the slices flat on a baking sheet. don't cook them all the way, but mostly done- that way, the dish isn't sogged out with fatty slimy bacon! also, you could chip up dried beef and sprinkle it. you could even sprinkle fully cooked bacon, i reckon. using both gets kinda salty, so be aware.
  2. This is an old recipe and one I and my family have loved for years. I started substituting a can of Cream of Chicken & Mushroom combination soup ever since it became available--it gives the dish more flavor. I don't care for the bacon in the dish but sometimes fry it and crumble over it when serving.
  3. I use an 8 oz. package of cream cheese, and 2 cans cream of chicken soup. I also omit the bacon. 8 chicken breasts is a lot in a 13x9 pan, so I tweak the amount based on the size of the chicken. I also do not heat the mixture. I layer the beef, top with chicken, mix soup, sour cream, and softened cream cheese together by hand or with a hand mixer (only if cream cheese isn't quite soft enough) and then pour it over the chicken. It thins out nicely as it cooks. No paprika either. Serve over rice, noodles, or mashed potatoes. One of my hubby's favorite dishes!


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