Cold and Flu Clean Air Brew

"We frequently boil this during the cold and flu season. We use it more as a prevention than a cure, but it can help to keep germs down and lessens the possibility of making other family members sick. It also smells great so it isn't a problem to keep it brewing. I put zero cook time because it isn't a set time and is up to the person how long they want it to brew."
Cold and Flu Clean Air Brew created by The Left Handed Chef
Ready In:
1 pot




  • Put all ingredients to a large pot.
  • Fill with water.
  • Bring water to a boil and reduce to slow simmer.
  • Refill pot as necessary with water and fresh ingredients.
  • (I usually refill with water as needed and fresh ingredients once a day.) Notes: This can also be made and put into a tin can on heaters like your grandparents used to do or in a large tin can on a wood burning stove.
  • All of these ingredients have healing properties that ("may"<—legal disclaimer) clean the air of viral and bacterial critters.
  • It also"may" help to relieve some cough and sinus symptoms.
  • Boiling plain water will help warm a room but adding the above ingredients can help clean the air.

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  1. Boomette
    This is amazing how it smells great. Thanks Swor :) Made for Alphabet chef tag game
  2. DonnaColorado Johns
    This is a great way to freshen the air. I use it all winter long. I do use sliced fresh ginger as I think it really has healing power. I also use cut up oranges and lemons instead of the zest. The salt is also good for the sinuses. Sometimes I just hold my face over the pot (very carefully) and breathe in the steam. Thanks!
  3. UmmBinat
    This smells soo good. I hope it helps us get rid of our colds and flu. But it's worth to just freshen stale air!
  4. Lucky in Bayview
    I'm not sure if this will keep us from getting the fall flu, but my house smells divine!!!! I didn't have any cloves on hand so I used a teaspoon of all spice instead. I'll be make this often. Thank you for posting this wonderful recipe.
  5. Marmies
    This smells so delicious!!! I was feeling ...blah.. and ran across this recipe so I had to try it! I did not have ginger in the house (but will get some tomorrow) so I added lavender to the mix. I peeled the orange with a potatoe peeler instead of zesting, and I thought eating the orange would do me better than putting it in the stock so I did! lol! I had a half a lemon in the fridge so I also peeled and added that. I had my face near the pot deeply inhaling the wonderful aroma and thought "Wow that would make a really nice tea! so I stole a bit from the pot and sipped....well lets just say, next time I will add the salt AFTER I rob a cup of the 'tea'! hehe. Great recipe, I will use it often. Thank you!



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