Coffee Liqueur (Kahlua) Cheesecake

Recipe by Pink Princess
READY IN: 11hrs




  • Crumb Crust:.
  • Crush biscuits finely.
  • Add melted butter and mix well.
  • Press crumb mixture on base and sides of 20cm springorm pan.
  • Refrigerate while preparing filling.
  • Filling:.
  • Beat cream cheese until softened.
  • Combine with sugar and flour.
  • Beat well.
  • Beat in eggs, sour cream and lemon juice.
  • Pour half cheesecake mixture into prepared crumb crust.
  • Put roughly chopped chocolate, coffee powder, liqueur, water and lightly beaten egg yolk in top of double saucepan.
  • Stir over simmering water until chocolate melts and mixture becomes thick.
  • Remove from heat and cool slightly.
  • Swirl half chocolate mixture gently through cheesecake mixture in crust with small spatula.
  • Top with remaining cheesecake mixture.
  • Swirl remaining chocolate through top half of cheesecake.
  • Bake in 170 degrees Celsius oven 1 hour to 1 hour ten minutes or until set.
  • Remove from oven.
  • Allow to become cold.
  • Refrigerate overnight.
  • Remove sides from pan.
  • Put cheesecake onto serving plate.
  • Top with prepared cream.
  • Cream:.
  • Dissolve coffee powder in hot water.
  • Put cream, coffee and sugar in bowl.
  • Refrigerate 30 minutes.
  • Beat until thick.