Coffee Crisps

Coffee Crisps created by justcallmetoni

A few teaspoons of instant coffee crystals or instant espresso powder go into these sugar cookies that are also topped with coffee icing.

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  • Line cookie sheet with parchment paper; set the cookie sheet aside.
  • In a small bowl stir together water and coffee crystals or espresso coffee powder until dissolved; set aside.
  • In a large mixing bowl beat butter with an electric mixer on medium to high speed for 30 seconds.
  • Add sugar and salt, beat until combined, scraping sides of bowl occasionally.
  • Add eggs and coffee mixture; beat until combined.
  • Beat in as much of the flour as you can with the mixer using a wooden spoon, stir in any remaining flour.
  • Drop dough by slightly rounded teaspoon 2 inches apart onto the prepared cookie sheet; spread dough into 2-inch circles.
  • Bake in a 350 degree F oven for 9 to 11 minutes or until browned around the edges.
  • Cool on cookie sheet set on a wire rack for 2 minutes.
  • Transfer cookies to a wire rack; cool.
  • When cookies are cool, fill a pastry bag fitted with a very small round tip with Coffee Icing.
  • Pipe icing onto cookies in a zigzag pattern. Or, thin icing with additional whipping cream to make icing of drizzling consistency; use fork tines to drizzle icing over cookies ( If desired, sprinkle with crushed coffee crystals. Makes about 20 cookies).

  • Stir together 1/8 teaspoon instant coffee crystals or dash of espresso coffee powder and 1 tablespoon whipping cream until coffee is dissolved.
  • In a small mixing bowl stir together 1 cup sifted powdered sugar, the coffee-cream mixture and enough additional whipping cream (1 to 2 tablespoons) to make icing of piping consistency.
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"A few teaspoons of instant coffee crystals or instant espresso powder go into these sugar cookies that are also topped with coffee icing."

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  1. Dreamer in Ontario
    These are delicious, light, soft cookies. I'm not sure why this happened but I ended up with a very soft dough that my mixer had no problem dealing with and 50 cookies rather than 20. Since the dough was so soft and since I didn't want to add any more sugar (to keep fork or bottom of glass from sticking) I didn't bother flattening the cookies. They flattened quite nicely on their own in the oven. Thank you. Made for 1-2-3 Hits tag.
  2. Mom to two picky ea
    Yum! I'm eating one of these with a cup of coffee, as I write this :). I only had salted butter, so I used that - still keeping the 1/4 tsp. salt called for. I used 2 HEAPING tsps. of instant coffee crystals. I had no trouble mixing this with all of the flour. On the icing, I used 1/4 tsp. of instant coffee crystals. I piped the icing on in one direction, then sprinkled with some 'crushed' instant coffee crystals, then went back with the icing the opposite direction. Not only do these look amazing, but they taste wonderful! My DH thought they were good, and he's not a coffee fan. Thanks for a great recipe I'll make again!
  3. KellyMac6
    Mmmm delicious. Like a sugar cookie with a little extra flavor. Loved these and will make again. Also, I ran out of parchment for my second baking sheet and the cookies from that sheet were a bit flatter so I would recommend using the parchment. Thank you! Made for PRMR tag.
  4. justcallmetoni
    Coffee Crisps Created by justcallmetoni
  5. justcallmetoni
    A delight cookie with a subtle and sophisticated flavor sure to please coffee lovers while still enticing the rest of the crowd. The cookie itself is light and airy with a buttery softness. Not crispy as a snap cookie but not chewy at all, at 11 minutes one really would have a snap. My dough was quite soft and I had no problems mixing in all the flour. To help flatten the cookies used the back of a glass coated in sugar and a few grains of espresso powder. Similarly, I left some of the espresso crystals in tact in the light glaze to create some color variation on the pale cookie. Thinking a cinnamon and coffe glaze or perhaps one made with a drop of Kahlua would be divine. Yield for me was 30 cookies about 1.5 inches in diameter.

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