Coconut Milk Ice Cream

"This is a merger of several recipes I found while researching for a special Mothers day dinner. Coconut is Mom's favorite ice cream. This version is easy, not too sweet, smooth, creamy and quite tasty. It might be good with some coconut stirred in at the last. The cook time is freeze time and is variable depending on your machine. Prep time does not include chill time for the coconut milk."
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photo by Diana Yen
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Ready In:
1hr 15mins
1 quart




  • Shake can of coconut milk to mix well; pour into large chilled bowl or pitcher.
  • Stir in cream, sugar and coconut rum until sugar is dissolved.
  • Pour into ice cream maker and freeze according to manufacturers directions.
  • Spoon into container,cover well and place in freezer to harden off.
  • If desired, stir in flaked or toasted, flaked coconut before placing in freezer to harden.

Questions & Replies

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  1. dlw156
    As I do not have an ice cream maker any thoughts on making this recipe just by freezing the mixture? Thanks


  1. PeigiAnn
    I love this recipe. I added some almond extract and pistachio nuts. Tasted better then the expensive stuff from the store. I also made the recipe just as is and love it. Thank you LoriLou for sharing this recipe.
  2. ceg8908
    Yum!! I substituted the heavy cream with half and half and used a mixture of about 2/3 rum 1/3 coconut extract in place of the malibu, as I didn't have any of that. Stirred in chopped up pieces of Mounds before putting it in the freezer to harden. This is creamy and delicious!!
  3. DisneyGuy
    Excellent recipe. I just purchased an ice cream freezer a few days ago and this was my first recipe. I actually used light coconut milk and half half to make the recipe a little lighter and it worked great. I also added some flaked coconut at the end for some extra flavor and texture. This is just like the ice cream at my favorite thai restaurant!
  4. Ms. K
    I substituted fat free half and half and Splenda for the sugar. Added coconut the last five minutes...Excellent ice cream!
  5. Erin41284
    This was very good and very easy. I didn't change a thing and it came out perfect! thank you for sharing :)


  1. Bobbin
    This was very good and creamy, almost too creamy. Next time I think I will make with either all whole milk instead of the cream or half milk and half cream. I liked that it was not overly sweet. We topped ours with toasted coconut. Yummy.
  2. Veggie_Cook
    This wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. I left out the rum, and used 2% milk instead of heavy cream. So maybe it was my fault. I might make it again. I'm not sure though. Thanks!
  3. Ms. K
    I substituted fat free half and half and Splenda for the sugar. Added coconut the last five minutes...Excellent ice cream!
  4. jknd9813
    This was great! It was our first ice cream in our new machine. We used half and half instead of heavy whipping, upped the sugar to 2/3 cup and used between 1/3-1/2 a tablespoon of imitation coconut extract instead of the rum. We could have maybe used a little less of the extract, as it was very coconuty, but overall still wonderful. It was as good as the stuff I had on the beach in Mexico!
  5. snickerdoodliedoo
    Absolutely delicious! I substituted 2% milk for the heavy whipping cream and used lite coconut milk rather than regular. It is probably not as creamy as the original but much healthier! I didn't have coconut rum on hand so just used a bit of coconut extract. Topped with toasted coconut... mmm blissful!


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