Coconut Ice Cream/Gelato

"I LOVE coconut ice cream and gelato and was so pleased to have had a friend give this recipe to me. Most of the time, I leave the sweetened flaked coconut out since I don't particularly care for the added texture, but that's just me. My friend who makes this all of the time uses a sweetened flaked coconut that is found in the freezer section of the supermarket and says that the taste is better. Experiment and enjoy! :)"
Coconut Ice Cream/Gelato created by Robin and Sue
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  • Combine everything except the flaked coconut.
  • Put in ice cream maker and prepare according to manufacturer's instructions.
  • Add flakes 5 minutes before ice cream is ready, if desired.
  • Note: This recipe could either be made up as ice cream or a gelato. If you use whole milk, you will get ice cream. If you exchange the heavy cream for whole milk (so the entire recipe uses 2 1/2 cups of milk), you have gelato. If you use a low-fat milk with the heavy cream, you get something in between.

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  1. darlene.norris
    Most I've creams you have to heat up the mixture. Just making sure you don't with this recipe
  2. Robin and Sue
    Coconut Ice Cream/Gelato Created by Robin and Sue
  3. Robin and Sue
    Coconut Ice Cream/Gelato Created by Robin and Sue
  4. Robin and Sue
    Coconut Ice Cream/Gelato Created by Robin and Sue
  5. Candee F.
    I forgot to give it 5 stars with my review


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