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"This is an amalgamation of ideas from a recipe request I made for a coffee drink made with pudding. I used more powdered creamer and less powdered milk than most recipes. I LIKE powdered creamer. Some people may want to use more skim milk powder and lower the creamer content. This will add a little to the carb content, but it will add a touch of protein as well. (Boil water, pour into cup and add powder to taste.) This is a sugar free food, keep an eye on it though, sugar free nestle quick and creamer both have some calories in them. As long as you are not drinking ten cups a day it won't be a problem. This is great for diabetics. Most of those coffee drinks that are sugar free are nasty. This will need to be stirred after it has sat a moment in water. It is also great added TO a cup of coffee if you don't mind the caffein."
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Ready In:
16 oz




  • Uses 2 large mixing bowls and blender.
  • Take one cup of splenda and put in blender already running on High.
  • Keep blender covered and do not breathe!
  • Change to pulse and keep pulsing until sugar substitute is powdered.
  • put splenda in large mixing bowl.
  • Mix loosely together with rest of ingredients.
  • after mixing loosely use mixing cup to place approximately one and one half cups of dry ingredients in blender at one time.
  • vary between pulse and high, turning off and scraping sides of blender, until combined to a smooth light chocolate colored powder.
  • (keep an eye on the blender so it doesn't overheat).
  • Pour powder in clean mixing bowl and continue mixing dry ingredients in batches until done with all.
  • Package in jars, ziplock bags, and original instant coffee container.

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I am diabetic and have had weight loss surgery so a lot of my recipes are concerned with either less carbs and sugar and more protein. I have one hamster, I love crackers and cheese for lunch, I LOVE coffee, and I am a diet soda addict.
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