Citrus Creme Brulée Napoleon

READY IN: 1hr 30mins




  • Cut the puff pastry into strips about 2 inches wide and 6 inches long--score and allow to rest for at least 20 minutes in the fridge.
  • Combine the 1 egg and 1 egg yolk to create a egg wash.
  • Brush the puff pastry with the egg wash and dust with powdered sugar, Bake in a 350°F- 400°F oven until golden brown and 'puffed'.
  • Allow puff to cool then slice in half through the center of the puff, creating a puff 'sandwich'.
  • Remove the zest from the orange; split and scrape the vanilla bean.
  • In a thick-bottom sauce pot scald the cream, orange zest, and vanilla bean together.
  • In a bowl combine the sugar and 5 egg yolks together.
  • Temper the hot cream mixture into the egg/ sugar mixture the return to the sauce pan.
  • Cook the creme until nape` (it coats the back of a wooden spoon).
  • Place into a casserole dish/hotel pan of any size that will allow there to be a layer of creme brulée on the bottom about 1 inch thick.
  • Back in a 350°F oven in a water bath until firm (jiggles only slightly when the pan is shaken). Remove from the water bath and allow to cool.
  • To assemble: Place the bottom half of a puff 'sandwich' on a plate.
  • Using a thin spatula place a layer of the creme brulée onto the puff (it doesn't have to look pretty as we'll be covering it soon).
  • On top of the creme brulée place a single layer of roasted fruit, so that the wedges overhang the creme brulée on either side.
  • Place the top of the puff pastry on and dust with powdered sugar.