Chorizo - a Healthy Version?

"I have always loved the flavor of chorizo, but seldom ate it due to all the fat in it. In 2004 I purchased a simple electric meat grinder and started making my own sausages. Now I know WHAT is in there. If you do not have a grinder have your butcher grind some pork for you."
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  • Mix all ingredients well.
  • It is important that the mixture marinate at least overnight in the fridge to allow the vinegar and spices to correctly flavor the meat.Mexican oregano can usually be found in all grocery stores and usually will be in the section where the spices (dried chile peppers etc.) are in bags and hanging on hooks, don't substitute until you have exhausted your efforts.
  • I usually fry loosely until browned and then add eggs and serve in warm tortillas.
  • Add a little Ranch dressing and Cheddar cheese and you are in breakfast heaven. OR OR OR eat the chorizo by itself, it is sooo good and you know WHAT is in there. Read the ingredient list on store bought chorizo and it will blow your mind. Kinda gross actually. Now you can enjoy chorizo with peace of mind.

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  1. This is a really great recipe! It tasted to us like a mild chorizo, minus all of the grease. I was skeptical that it could really have the flavor of chorizo, but I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't able to find mexican oregano so I was forced to use regular; I can only imagine that it will be even more delicious with that addition (I've ordered some online, but couldn't wait that long to try the recipe). We cooked this up and added eggs, then sprinkled a mexican blend cheese on top and rolled it all in a whole-wheat tortilla with lots of hot was SO GOOD!! A regular tortilla would be much better, but that's all we had on hand. What I love about this recipe, beside the fact that it tasted great and is healthy, is that it's very easy to make, it must be made the night before so it's easy to throw breakfast together in the morning, and you can adjust the spice factor after cooking (so my 2-year-old will eat it, too - and she loved it). We've been making a conscious effort to eat healthier, and this will be a permanent addition into the breakfast file...or lunch or dinner! Thanks for posting this great recipe, DandyDon!



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