Chopped Salad by Marconi's in Baltimore

""Marconi's" restaurant opened it's doors in the early 1920's, and had been a staple on the Baltimore restaurant scene until it closed recently. This historic restaurant is truly where I obtained my love of lettuce salads when I was a youngster. I went with my mother and father, downtown (sometimes even during the week!) to enjoy the great American "classic dinner". I always felt like a grown-up ordering my own salad, which was made table side. I absolutely fell in love with the big old woodened, seasoned, salad bowls and large wooden forks to mix up the ingredients. I could eat anyone under the table eating one of these salads, and to this day, this salad is a favorite of mine. Just recently, this inspired "Marconi Chopped Salad" showed up in the "Baltimore Sun" paper by Brucie White who answered a request for this recipe. Although "Marconi's" never officially published this recipe, Mr. White has tried to put together the components that were so inspired for so long in memory of this great establishment. I have added my own twist by some additions, but I wish to credit Mr. White for his contribution. Go ahead, chop some salad, and remember when............."
Chopped Salad by Marconi's in Baltimore created by Caroline Cooks
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  • Well chill fresh ingredients first, except for tomato.
  • After chilling, mix lettuce through pepper ingredients in a large chilled salad bowl.
  • Add mayonnaise into salad bowl and toss completely.
  • Chop salad with two knifes thoroughly.
  • Add peas. (if fresh - I toss peas in without blanching - frozen add as is. ).
  • Plate on salad plates with crackers for scooping.

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  1. amyklootz
    My sister and I grew up eating this salad at Marconis....we are so excited to have found this recipe! Valentine's dinner salad, to be sure :)
  2. UmmBinat
    4 1/2 stars, but with your story it's 5. I liked this dinner salad a lot. I did not use the optional anchovies. I used Hellman's olive oil mayonnaise to be soy free, the optional frozen sweet peas from Green Giant, plus the rest of the ingredients. I would love to make this for DH to try. Made for, Veggie Swap 36 ~ July 2011.
  3. SarasotaCook
    Excellent. Classic flavor, simple. Just a nice salad. A couple of key notes for me. A ice cold salad bowl. Chop the lettuce well and use very chilled ingredients. Seed the tomatoes slightly and then chop so less watery. Use regular mayo for me, no low fat. Anchovies are a must, good fresh ground black pepper (I happen to use my 3 peppercorn brand which was very good with this) and peas. My only change was 3 eggs, I used one just as a garnish and I chopped up 2 celery rib leaves. I like the flavor of the leaves. Otherwise as is. Very good. Simple, but just that bit different. Thx
  4. Ms. B
    I tried this salad today, it was somewhat bland for my taste. It may have been the mayonnaise that I used. I thought that this salad needed some tang or zip for my taste preference. I made the salad using all of the ingredients except for the peas. Since I didn't dress the entire salad for one serving I added the remaining mayonnaise to a basic salad dressing that I had on hand and that made a big difference. I will probably make this recipe again but with some favor additions of my own. As one reviewer stated, I will also add more anchovies next time because for me they were the highlight of the salad.
  5. Caroline Cooks
    Chopped Salad by Marconi's in Baltimore Created by Caroline Cooks



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