Chocolate Sauce (Throw Away Your Hershey's!)

"This syrup is concentrated stuff, use 1-2 tsp in 8 oz of milk. It's ultra-chocolatey, with a deep cocoa flavor, and not too sweet. This syrup is thick and smooth with a shine ...a chocolate syrup for adults. Use Dutch process cocoa powder if you want the finished product to have the beautifully deep color and flavor to which all good chocolate syrups should aspire."
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photo by eknecht
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  • In heavy-bottomed 2 quart pot, combine sugar, cocoa powder, and salt. Whisk to combine. Gradually stir in the water. Stir until well combined.
  • Set over medium heat; stirring constantly until mixture comes to a boil Boil three minutes, stirring frequently with whisk and reducing heat if syrup threatens to boil over. Remove from heat; pour into heatproof 4 cup measure or pitcher. Cool briefly.
  • Cool on counter (uncovered) until room temperature, strain through fine strainer into container of 2-1/2 cup capacity. Stir in vanilla.
  • Store, covered, in refrigerator.

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  1. Charishma_Ramchandani
    Steve, this is great! I halved the recipe and made it just 5 minutes back. Its 1:45am:) I was having this 'thing' for having something sweet right now and since I have a little friend(5 yr kid) coming home tomorrow morning (who loves chocolate), I thought it would be great to gift some to her. Hence, went n made it! Glad I did! Its a good chocolate syrup, not too sweet like you have mentioned. That makes it a winner in my books:)! Thanks for the recipe! UPDATE: I made this sauce and after it had cooled, I stored it in my refrigerator for 4 hours. Then, for dessert, I poured a tbsp. of this heavenly sauce over 1 Zebra cake and ate it. It was AWESOME!!!! Makes a whole new dessert for my family and me. Thank you for the delicious sauce recipe, all over again:)
  2. Chrissyo
    This is another person craving "something sweet" in the middle of the night. I wanted chocolate sauce (syrup) with my vanilla ice cream and that's all there was to it!! I am so glad I make this. I really am. You are so right the colour is deep. It is lush. I find bought chocolate syrup (sauce) is mostly too sweet for my liking. This one is not too sweet at all. I agree, a very adult chocolate sauce. This is a winner. It is easy to make therefore I have no excuse to buy chocolate sauce again. Thank you Steve for sharing this recipe with us.
  3. sml212
    I like my chocolate syrup to be sweet so I increased the amount of sugar to 2 cups. The syrup still turned out just fine and tastes wonderful. This is a great recipe, and something I will be making again. Thanks for the recipe.
  4. Lee_tah
    great for those with food allergies.. soy and dairy free. I used regular chocolate powder and it tasted great. kept in the fridge for months.. until the kids found it! for those like me who weigh instead of measure: 300g sugar, 100g cocoa powder
  5. Marsha Lansell
    Perfect but I still use Hershey's Baking Cocoa. Never made or buy anything different.


  1. nostimotatos
    Super-super-super G-O-O-D! This is nothing less than A MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH in the enjoyment (read:"love") of chocolate! i had been looking for a chocolate sauce recipe to go with my chocolate pancakes and this was JUST PERFECT, ...I MEAN EVEN for stuff OTHER than pancakes, too, I'M SURE! ^__^ however instead of the granulated sugar called for, i substituted muscovado mostly for personal preference. My family LOVED the pancakes i made for them ...sprinkled with rainbow candy sprinkles on the choc. sauce (recipe #26276 courtesy of Steve_G) and topped with vanilla ice cream to which i added drops of honey! --They want me to make more now. XP I loved it, because it was relatively the easiest bit to do --TOO EASY really; the reward part of the equation far exceeded the work put into it: "Chocolate-Heaven-in-a-Jar", anyone?! note: this is the first time i've actually written a real bad-ass rave review for a recipe here though i've been collecting recipes from here for quite sometime. i just thought that this REALLY deserved the time, the praise, the thanks...! THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!



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