Chocolate No-Bakes

READY IN: 15mins




  • Lay out a 3 foot long piece of wax paper.
  • In a sauce pan, mix sugar and cocoa until ALL lumps are broken up and evenly mixed.
  • Turn the pan on MEDIUM (5) and add butter and milk, stirring the mixture and scraping the bottom of the pan CONSTANTLY.
  • *If using turbinado, heat over medium-low heat (3) until all granules are dissolved, then turn up to medium heat (5).
  • Boil for 90 seconds. No more -- One Mississippi style.
  • Remove from heat, add oats and coconut and MIX WELL!
  • Scoop out heaping Tablespoons and plop onto waxed paper. Tap down pan to settle.
  • WAIT! Allow to cool and firm up. Lick the empty bowl if you want a taste, otherwise you'll burn the fire outta your tongue!
  • ENJOY!
  • Store in a ziplock baggie or cookie jar. Unlike most cookies, DO NOT store with a heel of bread, it will ruin the texture!