Chocolate Dipped Krispies Peanut Butter Balls

"These are lighter then the ones without the Rice Krispies. I got the recipe from the "Classic Holiday Cooking" cook book. You can shape into eggs for Easter!"
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Ready In:
100 balls




  • Melt butter and while hot, stir in peanut butter.
  • Mix well and add vanilla, powdered sugar and Rice Krispies.
  • Work in with hands until it will form balls.
  • If using paraffin shred on a box grater then add to the chocolate in a double boil and heat till melted and combined.
  • Dip into melted chocolate and paraffin or shortening with toothpick.
  • Cool on waxed paper.

Questions & Replies

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  1. lawrencemovies
    There is more than i want to make right now. Can i freeze the remaining peanut butter mixed balls to dip in melted chocolate later?
  2. sfsb227
    Why can't I print a recipe I want?


  1. Mysterygirl
    I used parafin to make these. They turned out really nice. It's a bit of work, but what the heck - it's Christmas. :)
  2. Rita1652
    Instead of paraffin you can use shortening.
  3. kda949
    Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! But Messy! Messy! Messy to make! I chose this recipe over the other peanut butter balls because it used less butter and more peanut butter. I too used just 2 cups of powdered sugar and it was PLENTY!! Still very sweet! One thing I did that has not been mentioned is that I chilled the peanut butter mixture before shaping it into balls - about 10 mins in the fridge, and once they were shaped into balls I threw them into the freezer for 5 mins before dipping them in the chocolate. I thought it was just way too sticky and messy to work with at room temp. Very Yummy!! Glad I found this recipe.
  4. MindyP679
    My grandma has been making these forever and they remind me of my childhood. My sister and I give them away as christmas presents every year and people fight over the containers that "have more." I use creamy peanut butter because I prefer to have the rice krispies be the crunch in the candy. We've always used paraffin and it just makes the chocolate set harder, I don't notice a change in the flavor.
  5. mamamountin
    These are absolutely delicious! I had them at a Christmas party once and I searched for the recipe here and found this one. These are so much better than the plain peanut butter Christmas balls that we made when I was a kid. The rice krispies and crunchy peanut butter add such a nice texture and a lot more excitement!! My one suggestion to anyone making this in the future is to increase the butter to at least 3/4 of a cup. Every time I make these they are just a touch dry. They would be fine made just as the recipe states but I find they are less crumbly and easier to form into balls with the extra moisture that the increased amount of butter supplies. Also, when I dip any of my Christmas truffles I never add any oil/paraffin/shortening to the dipping chocolate and I have never had any difficulties just using the plain chocolate. Hope this is helpful, thank you for the great recipe!


  1. jedi master in trai
    Used a mix of crushed up rice crispies and crispix cereals (2 cups each). Used only one cup of powdered sugar and coconut oil instead of lard in the chocolate. Chilled the balls before forming.
  2. Harrys Girl
    Instead of shortening - which is full of trans fat - you can use coconut oil/butter (it doesn't taste like coconut).
  3. Shels
    I used this recipe more for the measurements of the ingredients and procedure. I substituted butterscotch chips for the chocolate chips...highly recommend, it is very yummy! I also used butter rather than margarine. I did the melting in the microwave, but next time would use the double boiler, as the peanut butter was difficult to get melted. I would also cut back on the powdered sugar next time, as I found it to be a bit much. Thanks so much for a great recipe!
  4. The_Desperate_House
    These were probably the most popular cookies that I made this holiday season. Everyone really liked these and have already requested another batch. I used chocolate almond bark for the dipping as that is what I had on hand and worked well. I also used butter instead of margarine. The one mistake I made was only making half a batch of these!!! Thanks for the recipe Rita, it is definately a keeper!!!
  5. Rita1652
    Instead of paraffin you can use shortening.



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