Chocolate Cream Pound Cake

Recipe by stormylee
READY IN: 1hr 10mins
SERVES: 8-10
YIELD: 1 cake




  • Preheat oven to 175 C (350 F).
  • Grease an 8 x 4 inch loaf pan and dust with powdered sugar, shaking off excess.
  • Whip the cream until stiff; beat in eggs and vanilla.
  • Sift together the remaining ingredients and add to the cream mixture.
  • Stir to combine (the batter is quite stiff and sticky).
  • Spoon batter into the prepared pan and bake in the preheated oven for 45-55 minutes, or until the cake just begins to pull from the edges of the pan.
  • Cool the cake in the pan for 10 minutes before turning out on rack.
  • The cake will keep in the fridge for up to a week (if you can resist eating it, that is!) wrapped air-tightly in plastic wrap and foil.