Chocolate-Covered Maraschino Cherries

Chocolate-Covered Maraschino Cherries created by ShortyBond

I love chocolate covered cherries,and these are so easy to make.I make them every Christmas and Valentines Day

Ready In:
1hr 20mins



  • Drain cherries,place on paper towels and pat well.
  • Set aside.
  • Place sifted powdered sugar in bowl.
  • Combine melted butter,evaporated milk vanilla,and salt.
  • Pour over powdered sugar and mix well.
  • May need to use hands to form a stiff,not sticky dough.
  • Add more powdered sugar slowly,if need to form dough.
  • Now pinch of a small amount,flatten into a disc and form around each cherry.
  • Pinch off any excess dough.
  • Place cherry on wax paper lined cookie sheets and refrigerate for 1 hour.
  • Melt chocolate chips and shortening over boiling water in double boiler.
  • Dip cherries in chocolate,scraping off excess.
  • Refrigerate until chocolate is hard.
  • (I cheat sometimes and just use the chocolate flavored Almond Bark or candy coating).
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"I love chocolate covered cherries,and these are so easy to make.I make them every Christmas and Valentines Day"

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  1. Marie Nixon
    I ended up having at least half of the fondant left over so I would suggest either making a half recipe of the fondant or buying 2 jars of maraschino cherries. I used Hershey's Special Dark chips and enough shortening to get the proper dipping consistency. Be sure to cover up the entire cherry in chocolate otherwise, when they sit, the cherry juice starts to seep through the uncovered area. I fixed that by doing a touch up with remelted chocolate.
  2. Mrs. Regan
    These are amazing! I added some coconut to the "dough" and they turned out delicious. I took them to a party at worked and they were wiped out right away. Thanks for such an easy crowd-pleaser!
  3. mommyoffour
    We made these for our 2010 holiday tray for family and friends, and these were a huge hit. We tripled the batch and they were loved by all. Thank you for sharing this keeper of a recipe.
  4. Chef anamun
    I made these for my dad for his birthday. He said they were great! The grand-kids and kids kept sneaking them. My nephew told me please make these for my birthday present! Definitely a do again must!
  5. GzNKz4evr
    I was really happy with this recipe. I put my kids in an assembly line to roll the cherries. It was a lot of fun! We did a large jar of about 96 cherries and had plenty of dough for all of them in a single batch. I also doubled the shortening in the chocolate coating. Excellent!

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