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Chocolate Chip Flirt Rice Pudding from Nyc's Rice to Riches

Chocolate Chip  Flirt Rice Pudding from Nyc's Rice to Riches created by llama_land123

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  • Put everything, except the chocolate, into a heavy based saucepan and bring to boil, stirring frequently.
  • Simmer 30 minutes until rice is tender and mixture thick and creamy.
  • Temove from heat and add chocolate. Stir a couple of times to give a ripple effect.
  • Serve warm or cold.
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  1. llama_land123
    Chocolate Chip  Flirt Rice Pudding from Nyc's Rice to Riches Created by llama_land123
  2. llama_land123
    If you've actually been to Rice To Riches like I have, you'll be sorely disappointed with this recipe. There is an overpowering taste of orange zest that is not in the real Chocolate Chip Flirt. Not to mention way too much chocolate that changes the color of this to not even resemble the real thing. It would be closer if you removed the orange zest and decreased the chocolate amount. Overall, if you're expecting the Rice To Riches' Chocolate Chip Flirt, this isn't it. I should've known better than to follow a recipe that has been posted all over the internet using the metric system. If you're just looking for a chocolate rice pudding, this is ok.
  3. Food Snob in Israel
    YES YES YES!!!!! A few things to note... I used closer to 3/4 of an orange zest (an orange with a very thick peel). Felt that was overpowering. I would say that 1/4 of the orange (or even a bit less as this just absorbs the flavor of the orange during boiling and simmering) would be about right. I also doubled the amount of risotto rice, as I just wanted it to be more "ric-y" than "cream-y" (in other words more thick than liquid...worked perfectly). Used a large granuel brown sugar (like the white sugar but brown...think sugar in the raw, not traditional brown sugar, which I think would have been tastier)and found that this required the .8 liter of milk box that is sold here in Israel(the full milk is the brown one that is advertized as the one you put in your coffee, like half n' half, but it's cream in the milk and not an artifical substance) and one of the whipping cream boxes and a bit of regular milk that I had on hand. This was just like a tapioca pudding. Absolutely delicious, decidant and delicate in flavor. I'm not a big fan of the texture of tapioca, and I still liked this. The presentation was lacking, though, as a few stirs of the chocolate (I used dark chocolate chips) just made it look not well enough blended and not "rippled". Perhaps I stirred too much. I should have waited until all the chocolate was melted (ug, more patience) and then given a few stirs (only 3 or 4 needed to get the rippled effect), but still, then all the chocolate seemed to be at the top of the pudding, with hardly any going through to the bottom, which bothered me, because if I wanted that, I would have just melted an even layer on top of the pudding. We had this hot, warm and cold and by far it is best hot or warm. The cold made it more cake-y (again, I doubled the amount of rice) which just wasn't my thing. It was still quite good that way...but it was WOW hot. This reheated fine in the oven...microwave probably would have been fine too in a pinch, I just wanted an all over even heat so I kept it in the pot I'd made it in but put it in the oven with a lid. I did feel that this took some time for the rice to get to the right consistancy (on the road to disinagrating and VERY large with a thick porrige type sauce)...could have been a half hour after boiling...and that at times it was lible to boil over (did once!!!) and other times it seemed perfectly fine (as it was closer to being done), but regardless, I had to stir a LOT. This meant not searcing for other recipes on recipezaar and nursing the baby standing up. But well worth it. Really. Served this to 3 different families for a holiday of milk foods/products and it beat out it's rival cheesecake hands down. Was PERFECT!!! Edited to add: I made this again with the correct amount of rice and it was delicious too! I also used milk chocolate (last time I used dark) which gave it a very smooth flavor, though I still prefer the dark. I also used half an orange with a thin rind and the amount of orange was perfect. I also (finally) managed to make this with out it boiling over by stirring every 10-30 seconds. Took closer to 45 min to cook. Maybe longer. Be patient and wait until the rice is discinigrated and not "chewy" for a different more even and smooth texture. Again, delicious.
  4. Mimi Bobeck
    Chocolate Chip  Flirt Rice Pudding from Nyc's Rice to Riches Created by Mimi Bobeck
  5. Mimi Bobeck