Chocolate Brownie (Diabetic)

"This is from the Australian Women's Weekly Diabetes Cookbook. Thought those with a sweet tooth may enjoy. Please note this recipe is worked out in metric cup measurements. Per brownie 303kj (73cal); 3.8g fat (0.6g saturated fat); 4.7g carbohydrate; 0.2g fibre; medium GI."
Chocolate Brownie (Diabetic) created by Crafty Lady 13
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  • Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius (160 degrees for fan forced ovens).
  • Grease 19cm square pan, line base and sides with baking paper, extending paper 5cm above two opposing sides of pan.
  • Using electric mixer, beat eggs and sugar in small bowl until thick and creamy.
  • Transfer to a medium bowl.
  • Blend coffee and cocoa with the water and oil in a small bowl until smooth, stir in spread (margarine).
  • Fold cocoa mixture into egg mixture.
  • Fold flour and chock bits and pour into prepared pan.
  • Bake uncovered for about 25 minutes or until brownie is firm to the touch.
  • Stand 30 minutes; turn onto wire rack.
  • Slice and serve dusted with sifted combined cocoa powder and icing sugar and low fat ice cream if desired.
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  1. Lori T.
    What is wholemeal self rising flour? I've never heard of it
  2. Crafty Lady 13
    Chocolate Brownie (Diabetic) Created by Crafty Lady 13
  3. Crafty Lady 13
    Okay...I have to admit, I did make a few changes/subtitutions. I doubled the recipe and used Egg Beaters, Splenda brown sugar, and Ideal powdered sugar substitute. I also added some chopped pecans that I wanted to use up. Instead of mixing the chocolate chips into the batter, I sprinkled mini semi-sweet chocolate chips on top of the batter. I baked it in a 9 x 13 pan, let it cool, cut into squares and sprinkled the Ideal powdered sugar substitute on top. Took a platter to work and had six pieces to keep for me. The brownies were moist, cakey and yummy. They were gone in no time and no one could believe that they were pratically sugar free. Made for Aus/NZ Tag Game.
  4. katew
    Chocolate Brownie (Diabetic) Created by katew
  5. katew
    Chocolate Brownie (Diabetic) Created by katew

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